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The Awakening

A Call To Awakening
But ye, o my people, rise up & awake! Let the rituals be rightly performed with joy & beauty! Liber al vel Legis 2:34-35
After a severe attack against the effects of reason on will, Hadit shifts to a command to his people to "rise up & awake!"
We are not to allow ourselves to get bogged down by worldly reason and intellectual platitudes. I can't count the number of letters received since I began posting my thoughts about Christianity and other world religious systems. The intellectuals, the zealots, and the bleeding hearts all pontificated, expressing the logic behind their personal belief systems and attempting to convince me the error of my way. Having once walked that road I understand the trap of tunnel reality in which they exist.
There was that moment, however, when I examined what I thought was truth. I came to a shocking understanding that truth is non-existent. How can we bow down to a god when we have the god within. Are we to worship ourselves?
Hadit's answer to this quandary is simplistic in its form. Once we rise up and awaken, we perform our rituals "with joy and beauty!" We become Hadit, expressing our joy and love for our bride, Nuit, the physical universe surrounding us. We protect and cherish all things because they are sacred.
Unlike church, Crowley said "a ritual is not a melancholy formality; it is a sacrament, a dance, a commemoration of the universe. The universe is endless rapture, wild and unconfined, a mad passion of speed.
"Astronomers tell us this of the Great Republic of Stars; physicists say the same of the Little Republic of Molecules. Shall not the Middle Republic of Men be like unto them?" Crowley wrote.
He suggested: "Joy and beauty are the evidence that our functions are free and fit; when we take no pleasure, find nothing to admire in our work, we are doing it wrong."
Once I rose to an understanding, then it was proper for me to shake off the baggage of social mores and take on the task of implanting the exciting new concepts offered by the New Aeon of Horus. This is the awakening.
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