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Had; The Secret Energy Of The Universe
Nu! the hiding of Hadit. Come! all ye, and learn the secret that hath not yet been revealed. I, Hadit, am the complement of Nu, my bride. I am not extended, and Khabs is the name of my House. In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found. Yet she shall be known & I never. Liber al vel Legis 2:1-4
In Chapter Two of the Book of the Law we view the universe from the perspective of Hadit, the heart of Nuit; the secret core of energy that makes all of creation run.
Notice the immediate difference. In Nuit's opening lines it was proclaimed: Had! the manifestation of Nuit. The unveiling of the company of heaven."
Now it is: "Nu! The hiding of Hadit. Come! All ye, and learn the secret that hath not yet been revealed." Notice the exclamation marks. There is emphasis and excitement here. Something important, that was a secret, is to be "revealed."
"I, Hadit, am the complement of Nu, my bride." Hadit is the male image, while Nuit is the female image of the creator. She is the great circumference of all things, while he is the invisible center. Had is the complement of Nu. They are two parts, yet they must complement one another to be complete.
Aleister Crowley described their complement: "Nu conceals Had because He is everywhere in the Infinite, and She manifests Him for the same reason." We as stars in their created universe exist in the same way. "Every individual manifests the whole; and the whole conceals every individual. The soul interprets the universe; and the universe veils the soul. Nature understands herself by becoming self-conscious in her units, and the consciousness loses its sense of separateness by dissolution in Her."
Had continues: "I am not extended, and Khabs is the name of my House."
Remember that Khabs is an ancient Egyptian word that means "the starry sky." In Chapter One we learned that this light, or Khabs, is the universal light of Nuit. It is not only the light of the universe, it is a secret light comprising the "innermost essential man." It is why Nuit declares that "Every man and every woman is a star."
So if Nu is the light, or Khabs, how can Had declare this light as the name of his House? That is because He exists within Nu.
"In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found. Yet she shall be known & I never."
This key doctrine may be difficult to grasp. Crowley spent years studying it. His conclusion: Each star, or Khabs, is a unit of Nuit. Thus we, as stars, are Nuit. Had, the energy, is the core of every star. Thus He exists within "every man and every woman."
He is "not extended." Therefore, Crowley wrote: "He is without condition of any sort in the metaphysical sense . . . Hadit seems to be the principle of motion which is everywhere, yet is not extended in any dimension except as it chances to combine with matter, which is Nuit. There can evidently be no manifestation apart from this conjunction."
Crowley searched for a deeper meaning to the fourth verse: "Yet she shal be known & I never." He suggested that "Hadit possesses the power to know, Nuit that of being known . . . Hadit is hidden in Nuit, and knows Her. She being an object of knowledge, but He is not knowable, for He is merely that part of Her which She formulates in order that She may be known."
Had is energy. Energy, like the electric current passing through a copper wire, is invisible to us. The wire, which is matter, is known because we can see and touch it. We are aware of its existence, just as we are of the energy within. We understand the wire. We do not understand, or "know" the secrets of electricity.
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