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Exploring The Mystery Of Tzaddi
"All these old letters of my Book are aright; but (Tzaddi) is not the Star. This also is secret: my prophet shall reveal it to the wise." Liber al vel Legis 1:57(b)
This piece of information, added to Verse 57 as an unprecedented second paragraph, looks almost like an afterthought. It follows Nuit's great Love proclamation and puts before us yet another mystery for revelation "to the wise."
An examination of the hand-written manuscript does not suggest a paragraph indentation at this point, nor are any verses numbered. Thus it was Aleister Crowley's decision to separate these sentences. It suggests that he then forgot to give the verse, or paragraph a number. Thus it stands starkly alone. The question then, is, why would he do this?
I believe it was because the line offers a complete change of subject. It's message is significant.
Nuit speaks of "old letters" that are "aright" or correct within the Book. The key to the message is that the ancient Hebrew symbol for Tzaddi "is not the Star."
This is a complex piece of information since the symbol appears to have a double meaning. From the Cabala, the symbol represents the word Heh, or the fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet. In the Tarot, the symbol represents both the fourth Trump, or Emperor, or the seventeenth card, the Star.
Nuit's clear statement that the symbol "is not the Star," leads us to direct our attention then to the Emperor's card.
The Emperor represents government. When it comes up the card warns of war, conquest and strife. It also shows the personality of a ruthless king, with pride, ill-temper and ambition.
It is easy to understand why Crowley chose to separate this portion of the message from the first part of Verse 57. The Emperor, the fourth Trump, is not the personality of the fifth Trump, or Hierophant. But why is this card brought to our attention?
Perhaps is isn't the Tarot card, but rather the numbers as they relate to the numbers within the Zodiac. The Emperor's sign is Aries and the sign of the Star is Aquarius.
The Zodiac signs, in turn, lead us down a long road of signs and symbols that only those who delve in extensive study may understand.
For example, Aries represents the lamb, which appears on the Tarot card in a deck developed by Crowley. It is associated with the archangel Malkidiel and the Goetia Spirits Bael and Phenex. Its ruling planet is Mars, representing the God of War.
Aquarius represents the bucket. It is associated with the archangel Kambriel and the Goetia Spirits Foras and Amdukias. Its ruling planet is Saturn.
What then, is the significance of all of this on the contemporary world?
I believe this is a warning that the Beast will have to deal with certain events when he makes his appearance. That the symbol Tzaddi represents government, war and strife are a perfect description of humanity in its present demented state.
Crowley makes one more interesting observation in his book, The Law Is For All. He states that because Tzaddi is the letter of the Emperor, and Heh the Star, "Aquarius and Aries are therefore counterchanged, revolving on the pivot of Pisces . . ."
Pisces represents the fish. And the fish is the symbol for the Christian church.
This, then, is the obstacle standing between our quest for the freedom to seek our perfect will, and the position of enslavement in which we currently exist. It is the task of the Beast to lead us either through, or around it.
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