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Outspoken Michael Moore

Fabricated Star Bashing Should Be Obvious
There has been a troublesome phenomenon since Bush styled fascism became the law in America and the British and United States armies agreed to invade Iraq. Popular screen personalities who dare to speak out against Mr. Bush are being bashed by a seemingly zealous mob of patriots.
At the risk of sounding gripped by paranoia I say that it is my contention that such mobs do not exist. It is a fabrication by a team of hired hit squads and a controlled media.
The ruckus brought on by popular rebel film producer Michael Moore at the Oscar presentation is a good example of what I am talking about.
My wife Doris, who seems to have a photographic memory of events, watched the awards show that evening because she expected Moore to get some award, and she also expected him to say something against the war. After all, that is what Moore is famous for. His films, books and public comedy appearances present a satirical mirror of the corruption and the foolishness going on in our society. He makes us laugh at ourselves and think about fixing what is wrong. Moore is a great guy to have around in my book.
And sure enough, Moore's latest film, Bowling For Columbine, won him an Oscar. Doris said she noticed, however, that as Moore was coming down the isle to receive his award, the cameras panning the crowd caught glimpses of something troublesome going on in the wings. She said a number of dark figures were rushing toward the side of the auditorium as if they were headed for a door that took them to the side of the stage.
Moore obviously did not see this. Nor did most of the millions of other television watchers who had their eyes fixed on Moore.
In his account of the event, which appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Moore said he didn't prepare a speech because he didn't think that his film would get an Oscar. But he said he had been latching onto some film awards earlier that week and had already presented his talk about nonfiction films for fictitious times under a fictitious president, elected with fictitious election results, who was conducting a war for a fictitious reason. Naturally, that was the presentation he made in front of television cameras, before millions of viewers.
"I said what I had been saying all week at those other awards ceremonies. I guess a few other people had heard me say those things too because before I had finished my first sentence about the fictitious president, a couple of men (some reported it was "stagehands" just to the left of me) near a microphone started some loud yelling. Then a group in the upper balcony joined in. What was so confusing to me, as I continued my remarks, was that I could hear this noise but, looking out on the main floor, I didn't see a single person booing."
Doris said she noticed the same thing. The people in the audience were either sitting quietly, trying to hear what Moore had to say, or they were still clapping in support. She could not see anybody joining in the loud "booing" that seemed to be drowning him out on the stage.
It was obvious that the dissent presented against Moore that night was staged by a few hired rowdies and cleverly done to make it appear as if the entire crowd of actors, screenwriters and Hollywood producers were in support of the war.
The situation quickly got out of hand because Moore said "the majority in the balcony who were in support of my remarks started booing the booers. It all turned into one humongous cacophony of yells."
If you would believe the media, Moore gave himself a black eye.
"Was it appropriate?" Moore asked. "To me, the inappropriate thing would have been to say nothing at all or to thank my agent, my lawyer and the designer who dressed me Sears Roebuck. I made a movie about the American desire to use violence both at home and around the world. My remarks were in keeping with exactly what my film was about."
I say that Moore emerged from the event as yet another great American hero. I just hope the media does not succeed in demonizing him like they have so many others who have taken a stand against this wicked war.

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