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Celebrating The Equinox

Equinox Of The Gods
"Abrogate are all rituals, all ordeals, all words and signs. Ra-Hoor-Khuit hath taken his seat in the East at the Equinox of the Gods; and let Asar be with Isa, who also are one. But they are not of me. Let Asar be the adorant, Isa, the sufferer; Hoor is his secret name and splendor is the Lord initiating." Liber al vel Legis 1:49
There is a change in the wind. Old religious belief systems are to be abandoned and Horus, the crowned and conquering child, is taking his throne.
The word abrogate means void. Nuit through her scribe, Aiwass, reveals that all of the old rituals, ordeals, words and signs are void. The old sacraments for the worship of angelic energies and other external forces are obsolete. Ra-Hoor-Khuit, the hawk headed warrior "has taken his seat in the East at the Equinox of the Gods."
It is time for the stars to be free to experience the joy of existence. As Crowley once asked: "Is this not better than the death-in-life of the slaves of the Slave-Gods, as they go oppressed by consciousness of sin, wearily seeking or simulating wearisome and tedious virtues? With such, we who have accepted the Law of Thelema have nothing do do."
He also wrote that the old formula of magick, including the dying religious systems, "rested on the ignorant belief that the Sun died every day, and every year, and that its resurrection was a miracle." Illusions of evil are only temporary. If we are in a time of darkness, we are instructed to have patience and wait for the next dawn. There is no need for self sacrifice to make the Sun return.
Thelema is a polytheistic religion. This means that those who follow its principles recognize more than one deity. Nuit is the female portion and Hadit is the male portion of the creator. They appear to be separate personalities, yet they cannot function apart. She is the universe and all things therein, and he is the energy that makes it go.
Hoor, or Horus, the child, is the sign of the beginning of a new aeon.
The belief is that mankind has passed through two aeons, or historical periods, since creation. The first was the Aeon of Isis, the Mother. This was an early stage when the woman was held in awe as the bearer of children. It was a Matriarchal society and the women literally ruled.
Then we entered the Aeon of Osiris, the Father. Men claimed the dominant role and took over government. Thus we passed through a Patriarchal period. That time is now ending.
The new Aeon of the Child, the Aeon of Horus, appears to be a time of balance. It is a time when both men and women are of equal stance, neither having domination over the other. As we enter this aeon we are struggling to understand it. Women fight for their right to vote, their right to work, their right to hold political office. The battle continues to rage all over the world as suppressing religious systems, mostly designed to support the dying patriarchal system, begin to crumble.
The name Equinox is used to describe the two times of each year when the tilt of the Earth reaches a perfect balance, when the Sun is at a point in the heavens when both daylight and darkness are of equal length. It is a holy time for the Gnostics, who recognize it as a mark of a change of seasons. It was a time of change. The planet moves from winter to spring, and from fall to winter at the time of Equinox.
Fitting that Nuit should use this word to describe the new order for man. She called it the Equinox of the Gods. When all is in balance. It also is a time for a changing of the guard.
The order is to "let Asar be with Isa, who also are one. But they are not of me. Let Asar be the adorant, Isa, the sufferer."
This is a peculiar verse because neither Asar, the image of an Egyptian sacred bull, and Isa, a symbol for the Lord of the Gods that Crowley identified as Jesus, seem to have much in common. They are alike, however, in that both the sacred bull and the Jesus deity are images of false worship.
Thus the verse makes sense. Nuit proclaims they "are one," because they are no different from each other. And, she said, "they are not of me." Let Asar (the bull) be the adorant, or the one that the fools bow down to if they wish, and Isa (Jesus) continue to suffer on the cross. They are not important.
The point of this verse is that "Hoor (Horus) is his secret name and splendor is the Lord initiating."
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