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Flag Visible At Right

Nazi Youth Flag 1938

The Black Flag Over Bush's Left Shoulder
When President George W. Bush announced the start of his invasion of Iraq on the night of March 19, he was flanked by Old Glory behind him on the right, and something strangely new behind his left shoulder.
Close inspection of the images and all of the repeats on the various news channels that evening gave hints at what it was. A new flag! It appears to have the old image of the eagle with a quiver of golden arrows in its left talon (all that was visible). And the flag seems to be rimmed by small white stars.
I know that when the President appears on television, everything we see is carefully orchestrated, sometimes with subliminal messages. The appearance of that flag was no accident. The talking heads, however, gave no explanation for it, even though they chattered all evening about the war and about what Bush had to say. Some e-mail inquiries to various Congressmen and women have gone unanswered, which is typical these days.
I thought perhaps it might have been the flag of the Bush home state of Texas. But that flag, I found, is a simple splattering of red, white and blue. No black. No eagles.
A search of flags of the world via the Internet, however, uncovered something very interesting. A flag like this existed once. It was flown by a Nazi German youth group known as the Hitler Jugend. It was a solid black flag with a pure white symbol of an eagle with its wings and talons spread. The left talon held a hammer and the right talon a sword. There were no stars.
I found the existence of that mystery flag behind our president disconcerting. After finding the similar images of the Nazi youth flag, I am troubled even more.
During an appearance by Mr. Bush on the previous night, when he warned of the possibility of going to war against Iraq, there were no flags showing prominently. But there was something almost as troublesome. He stood on a bright red carpet that stretched far out behind him. An examination of most Nazi images of 1938, while Hitler was rising to the height of his power, shows that the colors red and black were nearly always present.
A coincidence?  I have to wonder, especially after doing a little more research on this subject. An Internet search of the simple words "Bush" and "Nazi" entered together produced a volume of information about Bush family links to the Nazi party dating back to before World War II.
A book by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, "The Secret War Against the Jews; How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People," claims that the president's grandfather, former Senator Prescott Bush and his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, helped finance Adolf Hitler before and during the war.
Many writers have pointed out the similarities between the way George W. Bush took office . . . not by popular vote but by a decision of the Supreme Court . . . and Hitler was "installed" as Fuehrer by the Nazi party rather than elected Chancellor by the people.
The writers have drawn parallels between the 1933 Reichstag fire that housed the Parliament for the German Republic, and the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon building by aircraft that set them afire. Both Hitler and Bush used the attacks to proclaim acts of foreign terrorism and to institute tough new laws stripping the people of legal freedoms.
Hitler withdrew Germany's membership in the League of Nations, an early predecessor of the United Nations before launching his "preemptive" strike against Poland.
Bush ignored an appeal by the United Nations and a refusal by the UN to vote to sanction an attack on Iraq. Instead, Bush has gone against the wishes of nearly every nation in the world, and against the desires of at least half if not more people of the United States, and launched a "preemptive" strike against Iraq.
The similarities are startling.
Under the circumstances, the appearance of a black flag portraying the symbol of an eagle in the Oval Office may be a very dark omen. 


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