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Will The Holy Men Save Iraq?
Anyone familiar with my views know that I am a Gnostic in thought and antagonistic about world religious systems that establish a fear-based enslavement of the masses.
Yet out of these great world religions have risen several men of stature whom I believe are in a position to literally save the planet from going into self-destruct at this dark hour. The question is; will they seize the opportunity?
Noted endocrinologist Deepak Chopra, an American physician who, because of his writings and spiritual brand of holistic health and healing has been labeled "the world's most influential guru," offered last week to stand as a human shield against American bombs in Baghdad.
Not only that, but Dr. Chopra has invited the Pope and the Dalai Lama to stand with him in the line of fire. As of this writing, I have not heard whether the two spiritual leaders have responded to the invitation.
At this moment in history, with the American Christian leadership pointing guns and bombs at a small Moslem nation like Iraq, we have the uncomfortable feeling that we are about to enter another crusade. The great crusades, historians will remember were launched by the Roman Catholic Church against the Moslems from 1095 to 1270. They threw Europe into military and political chaos for nearly 200 years.
I can think of no greater way to defuse this insanity than the one offered by Dr. Chopra. Think of the world impact of such an event.
We have a great spiritual leader representing the Hindu people standing with the spiritual leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and the Buddhists in the heart of a Moslem believing country, willing to die rather than let this war happen.  I can think of no better way to bring the people of this world together in harmony than an event as dynamic, yet as simple as this.
There are already hundreds of people from all over the world gathering in Baghdad, declaring their opposition to the bombing of the innocent people living there. They say they are making themselves human shields and plan to stay in that city until this issue is resolved one way or the other.
But the visiting shields are small in number to date. Problems in acquiring passports and moving from country to country during these difficult times seem to be preventing hundreds of other people from reaching the Iraqi capital.
But the Pope and the Dalai Lama are already world travelers. I have no doubt they could be in Baghdad within hours if they so choose to go.
Their appearance, standing in that besieged city, would be a powerful declaration for world peace.

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