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The Great Magickians Among Us
"Let my servants be few & secret; they shall rule the many & the known." Liber al vel Legis 1:10
As long as there has been recorded history, humans have believed in a higher power. Whether it is a worship of the Earth and the natural elements by Gnostics, formal worship of a supreme God by organized religion, or the suspicion that we are all being controlled like puppets on a chess board by a superior intelligence; we all share that "feeling."
I used to think it was a social need by adults, after they leave the nest, to go back to the comfort of the womb and to childhood. We portrayed our parents as protective god figures. There was an unwillingness to "let go" so the image of a protective higher power filled the gap.
Those who seek Thelemic freedoms have a general understanding, but personal abhorrence to the various creative ways in which humans have pared themselves into countries and govern themselves. They have submitted to dictatorial rule and made themselves slaves of fear-based religious systems that preach strict abstinence from many natural pleasures. Failure to walk that straight (and impossible) line leads to sin and thus eternal judgment by a vengeful god.
While abhorred, we also understand the controls placed on the masses because it is painfully clear that humans have not evolved, they do not understand perfect will, and they obviously cannot govern themselves. Give a nation of people anarchy and you generate chaos. The stars within are not in perfect alignment. Each personal universe will be on a collision course with all of the others.
Indeed, we have governments. And we have the appearance of leadership within each of these governments. And some governments give the appearance of being superior in strength over all of the others.
But Nuit assures us in verses 10 and 11 of the first chapter of the Book of the Law that the creator is not blind, and there is still order to things.
She commands: "Let my servants be few & secret; they shall rule the many & the known." Then in verse 11 she goes on to describe the condition of the human race when she declares: "These are fools that men adore; both their Gods & their men are fools."
So who are Nuit's servants?
There have been stories that such secret societies as the Masonic Order, Skull and Bones, or something even more vague called the Illuminiti, actually pulls the strings of government. As if in an extension of man's folly, that very thing seems to be part of a complex system of secret social control. It seems to be created by men who constantly seek power through world domination.
These men are not the real servants of Nuit. Nor are their operations really secret.
There is another kind of ruler known as the magickian that controls all. These are especially gifted individuals who I believe may exist in society, but have the ability to read minds, control thoughts, and manipulate the actions of kings. Yet to look upon them, you cannot determine any physical characteristics that separate them from the other humans around them. Unless they choose to make themselves known, they are, in the words of Nuit, "few and secret."  Yet because of their abilities, they literally "rule the many and the known."
Nuit's statement that "these are fools that men adore" is an accurate depiction of the brainwashed and controlled society in which we currently live. The masses are programmed to adore the rock music performer, the football hero, the soldier who kills an enemy and returns home in glory, or the political leader who speaks with eloquence.
But they are all an illusion. They are part of an artificial universe that surrounds us. It exists to placate the minds of children.
So if the magickians are here, and if they are in charge, why is the world in such chaos you ask.
It is my belief that the world as we know it is currently in self-destruct. The humans surrounded themselves with so much plastic and artificial "reality" they failed to evolve beyond the childish creatures they are. And in so doing, they submitted to greed, ravaged the planet that was their home, and destroyed it.  There is nothing now left to do but to let the planet and all of the living things existing on it, die off.
That a fool now controls the greatest military force in the history of this planet is probably no accident. The magickians are kind in that they seem to be giving us a way to make short work of the agony that looms.

Copyright - James Donahue 

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