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Tearing Down The Veil Of Secrecy
"The unveiling of the company of heaven."
An examination of the second verse in Chapter One of the Book of the Law as penned by Aleister Crowley in 1904, opens an entirely new avenue of study and reflection.
The first line in the book introduces the female and male components of creation, Nuit and Hadit. In the implication of sexual union to bring about creation, it is natural that the second line should be a revealing, or "unveiling" of the work of this creation.
We are thus introduced to "the company of heaven."
In his book The Law Is For All, Crowley saw the "company of heaven" as mankind "and its unveiling is the assertion of the independent godhead of every man and every woman."
But is it more than that? Was Aiwass, the mystery author of the book who dictated the words to Crowley in Cairo, Egypt, really explaining a magickal tearing of a veil that has separated and blinded humans from the spiritual world for thousands of years? Could the "company of heaven" be a revealing of all living creatures, not only on the Earth, but above and below?
Since Crowley penned this amazing book there has been a reoccurring phenomenon, namely the sighting of unidentified lights and craft in the sky, that has made humans keenly aware of the possibility they are not alone.
As years passed, the sightings intensified and there are now stories of human abductions, cattle mutilations, crop circles and appearances of impossible creatures. The stories have created a cult-like following of people who believe aliens are at least circling our world.
In 2002 our son, Aaron C. Donahue, a skilled magickian, psychic and remote viewer, devoted several intense months evoking, remote viewing and drawing all 72 spirits of the Goetia. These are the so-called "demons" captured and locked away by King Solomon. To our surprise, all of the spirits turned out to be living beings from other worlds, dimensions or places. Many of them were pictured with their ships in the background.
Then more recently, Aaron came face to face with an alien being that made itself visible to him for a few intense moments. While no words were spoken, Aaron had the distinct feeling that the being was purposefully making contact, and that additional contact could be expected.
Aaron has spoken of this, and I have had the distinct feeling, especially when examining the records, that this veil is indeed being torn asunder. Slowly but surely, some humans are "awakening" to an awareness of what they are. And as our eyes are opened, the link we have with the alien beings that created us has been getting more and more visible.
This, then, is my personal version of verse two. It has been a century since Crowley wrote the words. The "unveiling of the company of heaven" is finally being realized.
Copyright - James Donahue 

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