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The Dogs Of War

Can This War Be Stopped?


It has been no secret that our son, Aaron C. Donahue, has been an influence behind many of the topics presented in the articles I write. Of all the stories I've done, none have been as shocking as the revelation that we have destroyed the Earth's delicate ecological system that that the planet is now in the process of dying.

Even worse, Donahue, who can see the future through his psychic abilities and the science of technical remote viewing, informs us that our very soul is a single energy generated into each human from the planet, which is a sentient being.

Once the Earth is dead, Donahue says, our souls and everything that we are will be destroyed. Thus the old belief that when the body dies our "being" continues on forever is incorrect. Once this planet, our space ship in the universe, is destroyed, we no longer exist. It is all over.

The purpose of this column has been an effort to sound warnings and alter disastrous future events. We believed that if enough people read the articles and became aware of the danger, the information would go into the human collective consciousness. Once there, the data implants in the subconscious thoughts of all people. It was a tool to try to get nations and world leaders to stop doing certain things and thus head off disastrous events.

Because the technique often did its job, many critics of technical remote viewers have consequently claimed that they are a fraud. If a predicted terrorist attack, or the forecast of a nuclear attack does not happen as foretold, the critics use this as ammunition to prove their point.

While I am sure that the attacks by the critics stung, Aaron proceeded with his work undaunted because he understood the need to secretly alter the future. He knew it was possible to achieve 100 percent accuracy with remote viewing. Rather than achieve personal fame, Aaron believed it was more important to use this tool to try to save the planet from the clear path of total destruction that all true remote viewers see when they look at the future.

While the warning alarmed many people, it is clear that President George W. Bush and many other world leaders have not been listening.

They are building the machinery for a great world-wide military conflict. Nuclear, biological, chemical and other ugly weapons of mass destruction are being rolled out of their secret hiding places in preparation for war. World leaders are obviously possessed by forces driving them to do an unthinkable act. They are preparing to collectively push a doomsday button.

Can the madness be stopped?

The answer is always yes. All foreseen events can be altered before they happen. But the probability of heading off this war and this extensive loss of human life and onset of great suffering is getting less and less possible with each passing day.

A group of visitors to the bulletin board of my web site recently talked about the possibility of organizing a groundswell of human thought, all collectively projecting an image of world peace. The idea was that if enough people were thinking this thought at the same time, it would stop the war in its tracks.

There also is a growing number of people, sparked by an organization called We The People, who plan to travel to Iraq and stand as human shields, hoping to ward off the Bush Administration's crazed plan to bomb Baghdad into the stone age.

I laud them all for their concern and their collective efforts.

But the probability of success is extremely low. It would take millions of minds working together to overcome the collective desire by the possessed masses of fervent religious zealots who desire the onset of what they believe to be the apocalypse.

The zealots want this war because they wrongly believe it will trigger the return of Superman, an external god figure who will destroy all evil and rebuild the world. They do not understand that so much collective "good" precipitates "evil." Everything is out of balance. The zealots also fail to understand that the god figure that they seek lives within us all. If the world is to be saved and rebuilt, we must do it ourselves.

This is our dilemma.

As President George W. Bush ignores the pleas of the rest of the world and arrogantly rolls out his war machine to attack Iraq and as Korean leaders defiantly build a nuclear arsenal and declare war against America, the probability of World War III grows with each hour.

What will be the outcome?

No matter what he does at this point, Mr. Bush is not going to get the easy little war he expects. He risks inadvertently triggering a series of events that will lead America down a path toward its own destruction. The United States cannot be a big bully on the block without eventually paying the consequences.

What is worse, if the conflict goes nuclear . . . and there is every reason now to think it might if North Korea takes the initiative . . . we might all be witnessing the end of life on this planet.

The stakes are that high.

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