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Scam Artists Afoot

Government Assistance Programs Are A Scam
I recently watched a television "news" type of program that showed video footage of people allegedly scamming the workman's compensation insurance program.
We were shown various pictures of healthy people playing soccer, lifting weights and doing other physical things. The pictures were blurry and you couldn't make out faces. The narrator did not disclose names, although we were told that the people in the films were all convicted on fraud charges and sent to prison because they faked back injuries and attempted to collect workman's compensation insurance.
This was a propaganda film designed to make people afraid to file claims against something they are entitled to. This program is just one more lie, among the many, imposed on the American public by corrupt bureaucracies that are fleecing, not helping the people they were designed to serve.
Last winter I wrote an angry piece about the failure of Workman's Compensation following a personal battle to get my wife some help after she was injured on her job.
I was not surprised at the volume of letters from people, just like us, who have been caught up in the same quagmire of government and legal red tape, without getting the help we all desperately need.
She still has not received any help other than that given by our family physician after we were able to convince our health insurance carrier that Workman's Compensation Insurance no longer applied to her case. Yet we were left with outstanding bills from a lot of doctors and hospital X-ray facilities where we were sent during the days when we tried to comply with Workman's Compensation demands.
Out of desperation, we started contacting some of those law firms that promise to fight for people injured on their jobs, and promise you don't have to pay until your case is won. We discovered that lawyers only want easy cases and won't go up against the battery of high priced lawyers that doctors and hospitals can afford.
Because the workman's compensation payments were cut off five months after they started, my wife Doris had no choice but to turn to the Social Security Administration and file a claim for disability. She was suddenly out of work and without treatment, would probably be unable to ever go back to work again.
But we found that to get disability help, she had to go through another battery of medical examinations, a psychological examination, fill out volumes of paperwork, and then wait nearly a year to find out if she qualified.
In the meantime, someone at the Social Security Office suggested that Doris take early retirement, since she was old enough to qualify for the minimum payments available to her. They explained that if she received disability, the money she received would make up for the loss of full Social Security.
Thinking that was the best solution available to her at the time, she gave up her battle with Workman's Compensation and retired. Her Social Security checks were used to pay off a pile of doctor and hospital bills that had been accumulating since the accident. If not for the fact that I was able to come out of retirement and go back to work, we would not have been able to live and continue seeking medical help.
All year we held on, hoping for a Social Security disability check that would solve our problems and qualify her for the medical treatment she badly needs.
Last week (from the time of this writing) Doris received a letter from Social Security informing her that she has been approved for disability. However, the letter said, because she elected to take early retirement, she will not receive any additional money for disability.
We are invited to appeal, of course. The Social Security office said a lawyer is highly recommended if we wish to file an appeal.
Do you get the picture here? We have government bureaucrats out there, living off our tax dollars, who must stay up nights thinking how to confound the minds of the people they are hired to help.
I have reached the conclusion that the only people helped by government assistance offices are the people who work in them. They have jobs. Their presence only gives the rest of us the illusion that we have a benevolent government ready to step in and take care of us in times of trouble.
Once you need help, however, you become one of the growing numbers of Americans who discover the truth. It is all smoke and mirrors.

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