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Smallpox Victim

A Smallpox Threat
Could Be Our Own Creation
Few people living today in the United States have ever seen anyone suffering from smallpox. Because of an extensive vaccination and quarantine program that supposedly eradicated the bug, those of us living in America have only heard about the disease through the historical record. What we know about smallpox is what we are being told.
And that does not appear to be very accurate information.
Most people believe that smallpox is highly contagious and if introduced to an unvaccinated culture, will spread rapidly through casual contact. They believe it is a deadly disease that claims an estimated 30 percent of its victims. And there is no treatment. It also is believed that a vaccine exists that will protect us.
We also know that because some smallpox strains still exist in certain laboratories of the world, it is considered a possible biological weapon for terrorism. Consequently the U. S. government is on a high-speed program to get enough smallpox vaccine made to inoculate the public.
I do not want anyone putting that vaccine in my veins. I believe the shot may be more dangerous than exposure to the disease.
An article in The Idaho Observer by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny suggests that the public is programmed to fear a smallpox epidemic that probably will never happen.
Dr. Tenpenny said she attended a meeting of the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta in June, 2002, to hear testimony concerning the need for smallpox vaccinations.
She said the meeting gave her a new perspective on smallpox and assures us that, based on testimony presented before the CDC, we have nothing to fear. What Dr. Tenpenny does not understand is why this information has not been reported to the general public.
Tenpenny said she learned that smallpox has a slow transmission and although contagious, it can be easily contained through quarantine. The disease does not become contagious until the rash appears. By then, the patient is so ill with headache, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms he or she is already bedridden and not mixing with the general public. The symptoms do not include coughing or sneezing so germs are rarely spread through the air. Even if exposed, when a person's immune system is in good repair the body can resist the disease.
Smallpox has been widely reported to have a 30 percent mortality rate, but this is found to be untrue, Dr. Tenpenny wrote. She said the actual death record in countries where smallpox was most recently occurring was about 10 to 15 percent. Since the disease is mostly associated with the skin, doctors could not pinpoint the cause of these deaths. She wrote that an unknown complication should be considered as the cause of the deaths and not the smallpox.
The doctor said there is a major effort, mostly by European drug companies, to develop an antiviral drug compound to treat smallpox. Some of these are nearly ready for marketing in other countries. "Unfortunately, this drug is being developed in Europe and will likely be kept out of the U. S. market until long after the general public has been subjected to mass vaccination," Tenpenny wrote.
This could be tragic, she suggests because "the vaccine will not protect you from getting the infection. The vaccine has high complication rates, is an experimental drug and there are many contraindications."
The vaccine is found to cause a drug reaction that could be deadly in some of the people who receive it. Dr. Tenpenny said there is a lack of vaccinia immune globulin (VIG), the "antidote" needed for people experiencing a severe reaction to the vaccine.
She and other doctors are warning that: "in the absence of VIG, extensive vaccination would be extremely dangerous."
Tenpenny also warns that the Bush Administration's threats to attack Iraq could bring a retaliatory biological terrorist attack against the United States.
"We are setting the stage for a health disaster unlike anything we have seen before in America, and it will be our own doing," she writes. "World health records (England, Germany, Italy, the Philippines, British India, etc.) document that devastating epidemics followed mass vaccination."
In other words, the vaccinations infected people to the disease. There has never been any evidence that the vaccine protected anybody, Dr. Tenpenny wrote.

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