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Deadly Harvest

GMO Food Experimentation
Is Leading Us Down A Dark Road
Laboratory experimentation with splicing of genetic variants of corn, potatoes, wheat and even fish might have sounded like a good idea. But in the rush to be the first to market these "frankenfoods" for monetary reward, without thinking about their consequences, we have already launched a chain of events that cannot be reversed.
We have heard the stories about GMO corn pollen spreading into non-GMO corn fields and how the maize crops in Mexico and South American countries have been quickly infected. Corn pollen, like all grass pollen, blows in the wind and nobody is sure just how far it can travel.
We also have heard about the GMO canola plant that has become a wild weed spreading across Canada. A recent story by Paul Brown in the London Guardian stated that research teams working in the United States and France discovered that weeds and GM food crops readily swap genes. As a consequence, weeds are turning into superweeds that are difficult or impossible to control.
GMO stands for a genetically modified organism. This can be a plant, animal or even a bacteria created in a laboratory by crossing species that do not cross in nature. Genes from a fish have been inserted into tomatoes and strawberries. Insect genes have been added to other foods. Recent experimentation includes placing of human antibodies that make men sterile in corn and other mixtures of medical treatments for blood pressure and diabetes in grains.
The danger in all of this was expressed well in a letter to the Hampshire Chronicle, a UK publication, from William Treend, a member of the Natural Law Party.
Treend wrote: "genetically engineered food is still experimental and largely untested. The long term effects on their health and the environment are completely unknown, and published research already shows that these products can be capable of producing unknown toxins. In one case in the United States a food supplement manufactured using genetically modified bacteria killed 37 people and left 1500 permanently disabled. That company is now defending law suits.
"More recently an article in the British scientific journal Nature reported claims that Monsanto, one of the worlds largest biotech companies, had tried to prevent the publication of scientific analysis of its own data on the negative side effects of the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (BST) in the United States. The company has also been forced to recall genetically modified oil seed rape (canola) in Canada because it contained unapproved genetic material which the company says had been included by mistake.
"Monsantos own "Round-Up Ready" soya has been imported into the UK since last Christmas and is now incorporated into processed foods without labeling, so consumers are now eating this material with neither their knowledge or consent. Approximately 60% of processed foods contain Soya. Monsantos modified Soya includes genetic material from the cauliflower mosaic virus which is very similar to the Hepatitis B virus and is related to HIV," Treend wrote.
He continued on to warn that genetically engineered plants are "starting to cross breed in the wild with related natural plant varieties (that) then inherit the modified components.
"You can slaughter a BSE infected cow, but you cannot recall a genetically engineered plant from the wild once its starts breeding with its natural relatives. Pollination takes place over large distances carried by the wind and insects," the Treend letter said.
Monsanto's "Round-Up Ready" corn, which contains components resistant to a powerful weed killer, and other crops designed with insect repellant in them, are not only giving us unnatural and untested foods for human consumption, but they threaten to produce super bugs and weeds that are resistant to future chemical attack.
It has already been found that GMO corn is affecting the reproductive ability of pigs. When a test was conducted on chickens in Europe, GMO corn in the feed caused a higher than normal death rate among chickens. What is it doing to humans?
There is a deadly aspect to all of this that the gleeful genetic manipulators at Monsanto and other GMO production companies probably haven't thought of. Much of the experimentation has been on various varieties of grass. And grass is at the root of our food chain.
Phalaris arundinacae, a reed grass and the plant from where all other grasses evolved, including corn, is being affected by the genetic tampering and cross pollination. That they are shooting animal genes into corn and grains, and that cross pollination is occurring, is making this ancient grass especially susceptible to fungal attack.
Super psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue says he sees something happening in the phalaris grasses. Because of the genetic alternations, the attack by mold, and harsh radiation bombardment from a hotter than normal sun through holes in our planet's ozone layer, a super organism is forming.
This organism, Donahue warns, is a variation of the deadly ergot rye mold.
Ergot has a reputation of causing temporary insanity and even death when it is eaten. In Aug. 1951, in Pont-Saint-Esprit, France, three people died and some 50 others went insane for about four weeks after eating ergot mold infested rye flour.
The symptoms included 20-day bouts of insomnia, wild visions, hysterical laughing or crying. One wild man who had visions of tigers chasing him broke out of seven consecutive straightjackets, chewed his way out of heavy cowhide straps that held him in a bed, jumped from a three-story window and ran about a half a mile on two broken legs before he was wrestled to the ground.
During the dark ages, most of the poor people in Europe lived almost entirely on rye bread. It is believed that continued ergot poisoning was responsible for the long period, between 1250 to about 1750, when there was very little advancement. The number of miscarriages were high, people who survived childhood suffered chronic illnesses, gangrene and mental illness. Hallucinations were considered "of the devil" and they led to the terrible witch hunts that not only went on in Europe, but in the Eastern Americas where people also were eating infected rye bread.
Donahue says he sees this variant of ergot getting into our flour and consequently into our bread, pastries, pasta and all other foods made from grass plants. That means that most of the food we eat will soon be poisonous.
He says this form of ergot will be deadly. Not only will it cause insanity, but its victims will lie helpless while gangrene rots away his or her arms and legs. The process will be extremely painful. Eventually the victim will die. And there will be no cure.
The beans, potatoes, tomatoes and other foods are also genetically modified so we don't know how safe they are either.
The only food left for those who survive this and various other "end time" events is chorella. It is a basic food that tastes terrible, but will grow in abundance, even under a radiated sun, and provide all of the nutrients for us to stay alive. Eating won't be the enjoyable experience we know today, however.


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