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New York City
Still A Disaster Area After 9-11

The 9-11 attack on New York City was more effective than anyone could have imagined.
Informed sources tell me that the city has been left a virtual disaster area because of the volume of asbestos particles exploded into minute and deadly airborne particles. The stuff is everywhere. It is blown by the wind to all parts of the city and beyond. Dangerous levels of asbestos particles have been detected as far away as Boston.
I have tried to confirm this by checking U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports about the quality of the air in New York City. All of the current reports show that asbestos particles are low in most of the city at this time.
HP Environmental, a Virginia based research team, found in a study made a few weeks after the attack, however, that the force of the explosions shattered the asbestos from the buildings to such small particles they evaded EPA testing equipment.
The study concluded: "there is such an overwhelming concentration of those ultra small particles that many are being missed by standard microscopy techniques."
Hugh Granger, author of the report, said that the asbestos was "pulverized. . . When we now measure and look for these very small fibers in the air and buildings, we find them, and we find them in uniquely elevated concentrations."
Anyone getting this deadly dust in the lungs is in danger of dying in the next few years of lung cancer or asbestosis. Both are diseases of the lungs brought on by irritation from the ultra hard sharp particles, which get imbedded in the lungs and cannot be removed.
The World Trade towers were completed in 1972 and 1973 when asbestos was still an accepted material for floor tile, insulation and wrappings for heat and air conditioning ducts in commercial buildings. Ironically, I am told that the steel support beams in the center of the towers, were being treated with asbestos to prevent them from collapsing in the event of a catastrophic fire. Because the law prohibiting the use of asbestos in building materials went into effect before the towers were completed, the steel supports on the upper floors were not treated!
When in a solid form, asbestos is safe to be around. But it is a very hard material that breaks down into tiny needle-shaped particles when smashed. These particles are so tiny they float with dust in the air and can be easily inhaled into the lungs.
Anyone walking the streets of New York these days should be wearing a protective mask.
This problem is not going away soon. The tiny asbestos particles do not disappear for a long time. They are picked up by every gust of wind, by the breeze from every moving vehicle, or every electric fan, and keep fluttering in microscopic, unseen particles in the air. It is said that this threat could remain for at another 10 years or longer.
If we wanted to be honest about the 9-11 tragedy, New York and a large surrounding area should be declared a disaster area. It should be evacuated indefinitely.
In a sense, this is happening. Because of 9-11, over a million jobs in a city of 8 million people have been lost, my source said. The "official" job loss count is only 100,000. That figure does not make sense. That many people made their living in jobs directly linked to the World Trade Center. Thousands more were made jobless by the destruction to surrounding buildings, and an untold number more must be out of work because of the asbestos contaminants getting into buildings for blocks around the strike area. The hundreds of failed businesses since that date must have sent many more workers into the unemployment lines. I am told that people are moving out of New York by the droves, in search of employment that does not exist.
The only thing keeping our teetering stock exchange propped up is the media hype that assures the masses that everything is just fine. That, of course, is a lie. The people who attacked us went right for the heart of American business interests. They knew exactly what they were doing and the attack was orchestrated brilliantly.
If this story is true, why haven't we been told? Our pompous network news anchormen and women, many of them working in New York, somehow forget to report this stuff. Perhaps they think it is best for the security of the nation that the enemy never knows just how much damage was done in that attack.
Here is another horror story that few people know about.
During the days immediately following the 9-11 attack, there were hundreds of people left trapped, alive, in the rubble. We knew they were there. Their cries for help were picked up by electronic sensors. Few were saved. Yet we had pictures every night on our television news shows depicting fire fighters making heroic rescue attempts in the still smoldering rubble.
That was not the whole story.
I am told that nearly all of America's resources were turned in one direction during those critical first days after the attack. Instead of lives, workers were using much of the technology at our disposal to save Wall Street. They were busy digging new tunnels to open critical communication terminals in and out of the stock market so that brokers could reopen trading as soon as possible. We actually have a law on the books that the stock exchange can only remained closed for one day at a time. It took a week to get the New York stock exchange open again.
By then, there were no survivors left alive in the rubble.

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