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Belial's Corpse

Belial May Be Dead
But His Spirit Carries On
Throughout history, the name of Belial has dominated the demonic underworld. As they have Bael, secret groups of humans worshipped Belial and may continue to do so today.
Belial is a powerful King said to have been the second angel created after Lucifer. The Catholic Encyclopaedia suggests Belial may even have been involved with Lucifer in the events in the garden that led to the fall. He is definitely listed among the fallen angels, and is the 68th Spirit listed in the Goetia. He is said to reign over as many as 80 legions of demons.
Jewish legend has it that Belial is chief of all the devils. One of the Dead Sea scrolls contains a story about a war between the Sons of Light and Darkness and claims Belial is the leader of the Sons of Darkness.
His very name, taken from the Hebrew word Bliol, means "a wicked one."
In The Martyrdom of Isaiah, Belial is the angel of lawlessness and is the ruler of this world.
Another ancient text, known as The Damascus Document, is a prophetic warning that at the time of the Antichrist, "Belial shall be let loose against Israel. . . " The text speaks of "three nets of Belial" which are said to be fornication, wealth and pollution of the sanctuary.
Belial sounds like a powerful and extremely difficult spirit. Yet when Aaron C. Donahue evoked this demon, he discovered a mystery.
Belial appeared to Aaron as a corpse, seated in a space ship. On his web site at, Donahue said he sensed that Belial was dead. "A strange green hue is noted surrounding the first of Belial suggesting radiation. . . The technology associated with Belial is alien or 'angelic.'"
Here the plot thickens, however. Without explanation, Donahue also writes that while he feels Belial is dead, he says "another has taken the place of Belial. . . It is possible that a human like version of Belial now exists."
Examination of Donahue's remote viewed drawing of Belial, indeed, indicates a lifeless form at the window of a craft. Unanswered is why this powerful spirit is reduced to no more than a corpse and when this happened.
There is a great mystery surrounding this spirit.

Belial's Sigil

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