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Exposed: Where The Angels Hide


By James Donahue

Feb. 7, 2006


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue Sunday exposed the secret hiding place where angels can be found. He said they hide within the women of Earth.


He said the angels control men through the women, and can briefly enter men to accomplish their goals, but the Y chromosome in the men seems to make it impossible for them to fully possess the males. Thus they dwell in the women.


“When men fall in love with women, they really are loving the angel,” Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer radio listeners. “The human race has forgotten how to love itself. We have been in love with the angels. This has been going on for 3,000 years.”


He said the angels want us to love them. They draw their energy from our love. They use the women to control the men and consequently control the destiny of the human race.


Donahue said Luciferians need to know where the angels hide before they can assist him in driving the angels off the planet, or in the angelic destruction.


Angels are alien parasites that have been possessing humans by entering them while they are still in the womb. They remain attached to women for life, if the woman is not made aware of her possession and acts to repel it.


Donahue said as a psychic he was born with the ability to see the angels. He said he has discovered that it is very difficult to remove an angel once it is implanted within a woman because it has become part of her psyche.


He said the woman must first be made aware of the angel within her and then be persuaded to want it to leave. Even then, Donahue warned, once the angel leaves, the host may experience a sense of great loss because she has become so used to the angel within her, it has become part of her. Sometimes it requires counseling and special attention to assist the woman through this period of loss.


He said by making women aware of the angel within them, he believes many women will choose to rid themselves of the parasite that controls them.


“Angels do not want to be found out,” he said. “They do not want us to see them.”


He said we must drive the angels away, or attack and kill them if we hope to change the direction the world is moving. Because of angelic influence, world leaders are rushing us headlong toward a final global conflict that could bring a quick extinction of the human race.


This is what the angels want. They want to destroy all humans because they see us as a threat.


That is because we are superior to the angels. They should be serving us, and we should not be worshiping them. That the angels have created religious institutions, and caused humans to bow down to them as gods, has impeded the spiritual and mental evolution of mankind, Donahue says.


We also have the power to destroy the angels. And if they do not leave this planet, Donahue says that is exactly what he plans to do.


He said it is important that people learn how to love themselves, and by achieving this, learn to love one another. “We have forgotten how to love,” he said.


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