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The Beast Within

The madness reflected in the Columbine High School massacre has gained on us like a slow, insidious malignancy. It has been building slowly for so long that most folks never saw the change. That the pundits now have their mugs smeared all over our television screens, trying to explain the mass shootings by children in schools in Colorado, Georgia, Alabama, Washington and who can remember where else, is a reflection of the dementia that grips the world. These faces with fluttering lips do not know what they are talking about. Yet they babble on, presenting themselves as experts on child behavior. All of them are claiming to have answers to the problem; solutions for making the world appear normal again.

That our legislators are over-reacting by passing tougher gun legislation, and our school boards are hiring armed guards to patrol school hallways is a waste of money and effort. Like drugs and alcohol, the moment you pass a law making something illegal, you make the product so desirable it becomes a hot black market item. An armed police officer walking the halls of a school will not stop a suicidal child from entering the building with his guns blazing. That officer will likely be his first target.

Our society is plunging headlong into a total collapse of order. More laws, more restrictions and more police will only magnify the problem. All of the signs are here that we are witnessing the long-awaited Biblical apocalypse. That our children are beginning to imitate the actions of adults should not be a surprise. This is a reflection of the social disease inflicting us all. The beast is among us, demonic forces are unleashed, and nothing we do is going to stop the carnage.

The events at Littleton's high school are nothing new. The fact that it was done by two teenage boys and occurred in a high school is the only thing that sets the horror of this event apart from the rest. If you think back, people have been shooting up restaurants, post offices and a variety of business and work places quite regularly. The events have become so common that the shock has worn off. We let the stories fly over our heads when we hear of them on the nightly television news.

It hasn't just been children on the attack. Remember all the dead babies found in city dumpsters, or the mothers who murder their children, hide the bodies and then tell police the babies were "abducted." I don't think a week passes that we don't hear of a story about some mother going on trial for the fatal beating or abandonment of her children. When I was in Phoenix, Arizona a few years ago, I switched on the evening news and heard a terrible story about a young mother who jumped off the roof of a tall building, taking her two young children with her. Recently a woman walked with her three children into the path of a speeding train.

The insanity isn't just found on a grass roots level. World government leaders are acting just as daft. The U. S. attacks on the innocent citizens of Yugoslavia because we do not agree with the Serbian leadership, and our continued assault on the people of Iraq because we want to dethrone that country's dictatorship is proof of high level craziness. Our bombs, which are costing us billions in tax dollars, are bringing misery, death and destruction to so many people without just cause.

We are not the only country experiencing war fever. North Korea is reportedly amassing troops for an attack on South Korea, Pakistan and India are fighting because of an age-old disagreement over who owns Kashmir, the African countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia are exchanging fire in a heated border war, China is looking down its gun barrels at Taiwan and consequently the United States, and Israel is fighting with Lebanon.

So what is wrong? Has the whole world gone insane? I believe the answer is both spiritual and biological.

Because millions of Christians around the world believe an apocalypse will occur, they are mentally causing it to happen and making no attempt to stop it. That we have just elected George W. Bush, a man who personally believes in the apocalypse, only intensifies the danger. Our minds are more powerful than we realize, and collective thought like this has been shown to cause events to happen.

Also, the world is grossly overpopulated. There are too many people in a society that, through technological advancement, has not only learned how fight off disease and prolong life, but has built machines that are polluting and destroying the Earth's delicate ecological balance. Consequently, we are running out of land, out of food, out of water and out of our natural resources. We, like the other animals of the world, are experiencing something called "the killing tide."

When I say that the beast is in the world, this is what I am referring to. The beast is a collective knowledge, shared by everyone, that it is time for a large number of us to die so that the species will survive. If we fail to do this, the human race and all life on this planet is doomed.

Notice that there is an absence of love in the world. There is lust. Sex shops, sex films, sex magazines, prostitution and loose morals are everywhere. But go visit any of these places and I challenge you to find someone who really cares about another human. Search for that inner contact of real love that reaches from soul to soul. It is extremely rare. The quest is for pleasure. Once they achieve personal gratification, whether through sex, a new set of clothes or purchasing a new car, they rush off to pursue yet another desire. Their appetite has no bounds.

Something seems to have happened to the mindset of the masses. People act like zombies going through their daily routines. While the world is obviously falling apart around us, our nightly television news seems intent on cranking out fluffy stories that have no purpose. Athletic events and the opening of the new Star Wars film seem to be the top interest of the day. Joe six-pack comes home from his nine-to-five job at the local sweat factory, plunks himself down in front of his television, drinks beer and calculates the scores of a nightly athletic event. He has no clue. He fills his mind with garbage while his children are in the upstairs bedroom, examining his hunting rifle and plotting a killing spree.

A recent poll indicated that most people in the United States don't want to think about important world events. They don't seem to care about China's reactions to decisions by the Bush Administration, that both China and Russia have threatened us if we defend Taiwan or violate the treaty with Russia that stops us from building new atomic weapons. They actually believe that a fertilizer truck contained enough explosive power to blow up the Oklahoma City federal building and that David Koresh and the Branch Dividians were evil gun-toting child abusers who shot it out with authorities and then set their own building afire. They say "tisk-tisk" when they hear about floods, mile-wide killer tornadoes and storms with 130 mile-an-hour winds that ravage the country, but don't recognize this as a sign that something is wrong with our environment.

It is almost as if America is unwilling to look at reality because the truth is too terrifying to accept. Well, perhaps it is.

That children are picking up guns and blowing their teachers and classmates away should be no surprise to anyone. These youngsters are just tuning in to the call of the beast within. It is going to get much worse before it is over.

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