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Why "Modern" Medicine
Remains in the Stone Age

That doctors in China recently discovered a way of freezing cancer cells to destroy them is a sign of hope that, at long last, the powerful drug companies and the high-paid pill pushers we send out of our medical schools are losing their grip on the medical world.

It is a sad fact that cures for cancer have been known for a very long time in the United States. The story behind this "secret" is so ugly, most people may find it hard to believe anyone would purposefully do something so evil.

There have been many unsung world heroes over the years who discovered fantastic secrets and made great efforts to give their amazing gifts of discovery to the world. But they went down in flames because their efforts were blocked by big business, religious, and special interest groups that made sure the information they had was put under lock and key.

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), who achieved a number of amazing discoveries and breakthroughs in the areas of psychiatry, medicine and science, and Royal Rife (1888-1971), who invented a microscope powerful enough to identify cancer cells and then invented a sound frequency machine that destroyed them, are both tragic examples of men forced by law to fail.

While experimenting with light and electronic energy in attempts to study a sexually generated energy he called orgone, Reich inadvertently discovered what many believe to be the creative energy source of the universe.

Most people don't know much, if anything about Reich today because the U. S. government and other power groups, and I suspect the American Medical Association, did a wonderful job of discrediting the man, banishing his inventions, destroying his research papers, and eventually throwing him in prison. And if you think it could never happen in the United States, all of his papers and books were burned in the streets of New York City in August, 1956.

Reich should have been lauded as an American hero. Had he been allowed to complete his work on what he called the "orgone accumulator" machine, we might today have not only a cure for cancer, but for AIDS and a multitude of other life threatening and fatal diseases.

Even more tragic is the story of Royal Rife. While working in his San Diego research clinic in the 1930s, Rife invented a microscope powerful enough to not only see bacteria, but it could find and identify cancer cells. At the time, Dr. Rife was lauded as a great scientist. His story appeared on the front page of many newspapers and he was visited by
distinguished medical doctors from all over the world. Even the President of the AMA boarded a train in Chicago and traveled to San Diego to take part in a week long celebration.

Then Rife came up with a second invention that led to his personal downfall. He discovered that certain frequencies of electro-magnetic energy could kill viruses and bacteria of all kinds, including cancer cells. Through experiments with rats, he also found that the frequencies needed to kill the unwanted cells would not harm healthy animal cells. This led to the invention of the Rife resonator machine that was used successfully heal cancer patients!

This time Rife had gone too far. Rife's labs  were mysteriously destroyed by an arson fire as were offices and labs of other scientists who heard of Rife's work and attempted to duplicate his machine. All of the papers were lost. Dr. Milbank Johnson, former president of the Southern California AMA, who supported Rife, was fatally poisoned and his papers lost. Rife was killed in 1971 by an "accidental" lethal dose of Valium and alcohol while he was a patient at Grossmont Hospital.

Why would anybody want to stop two fine scientists like Reich and Rife from curing disease? Think about that question for a moment and the answer should come to you. Why would the AMA, and hospital-based onocological empires, the health insurance carriers and the U. S. drug companies want to allow their multi-billion dollar-a-year industry to slip through the cracks that easily. They did not want a machine in existence that could heal almost anything at the flick of a switch. There were fortunes to be made at the expense of the massive number of cancer sufferers. Who cared if these poor unfortunates died terrible deaths, the doctors got to torture them for a few years, collect fabulous payments from the multi-billion dollar health insurance industry, and no one was the wiser.

Both men were written off as quacks who were practicing fake and irresponsible medicine, but I say they were brilliant scientists who could have altered the course of history had we allowed it.

A native of Germany, Reich studied medicine at a Vienna university, then became interested in psychology and became a student of Sigmund Freud. In fact, Reich became so interested in Freud's theories that linked sexual suppression with human mental illness, he literally advanced Freud's cause and began his own study of the function and effect of the human orgasm.

Reich developed a theory that the orgasm among not only humans, but all of nature, generated a special kind of energy that could be measured. He claimed it even created a faint blue color when this energy was plentiful. He called it

Strangely, enough, Reich was the first scientist to discover something that most occultists and practitioners of ancient religious rituals have known for hundreds of years. Aleister Crowley, who invaded and exposed the secrets of all the great mystery societies, wrote volumes about the practices of what he called "sex magick," the use of sexual rituals, sometimes by large groups in a room together, to accomplish amazing magic acts. I have talked to people who have participated in such rituals who tell of feeling this energy and seeing the strange blue color that fills the room.

After publishing several papers about his work, and meeting much resistance and ridicule in Europe, Reich fled to the United States in 1939. There he met Albert Einstein and became fascinated by Einstein's theory of relativity. Perhaps the contrasts between nuclear energy, which is energy before matter, and orgone energy, which Reich saw as "life energy," or the energy from which matter is derived, were like magnetic poles, drawing the two brilliant scientists to each other.

Reich learned that the orgone was both attracted to and reflected by metal and absorbed by non-metallic materials. By alternating these layers orgone energy was concentrated into an accumulator. Medical experiments revealed that sitting in an accumulator enhanced the curative powers of a patient's own life force. Physical experiments also proved that orgone energy could run an electric motor.

It was during this period that Reich also began experiments with sending earth energies into the clouds to control weather patterns. How and why he veered off in this strange study may never be completely understood. The experiments led to the invention of tube-like devices sometimes dubbed "cloud busters."

Like the orgone accumulator, cloud busters were ruled by judicial order to be extremely illegal in the United States. If you don't believe me, talk to Terry Nichols. You remember Terry. He and Tim McVey are sitting in prison on charges of blowing up the Oklahoma City Federal Building with a truckload of fertilizer. Terry Nichols and his brother, Jim, got in deep trouble with the federal government a few years before that because they were experimenting with a cloud busting machine on their farm in Michigan. At the time I lived just down the road from the Nichols brothers.

It was the discovery in about 1941 that the accumulation of orgone energy had natural healing powers, that got Reich in trouble. When he began writing papers on this, and actually using the machine to help people get well, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency stopped him cold. The FDA claimed Reich was perpetrating a fraud on the American people. He was summoned to court. When Reich fought the order, saying it was unconstitutional, he only got in deeper trouble.

Instead of supporting his claim to be free to experiment and use the device, the court declared orgone non-existent and issued a permanent injunction which not only banned the machine, but ordered its disposal. The court also ruled that "all books and all journals, in which the word orgone is used, should be burned."

Reich began working with Dr. Michael Silvert on his cloud buster in Arizona. Silvert, a psychiatrist and student of Reich, decided to defy the court. Without Reich's permission or knowledge, Silvert moved the accumulators and books from Maine, where they were to be destroyed, to an empty store in Greenwich Village. In doing this he broke the injunction. When his deed was discovered, both Reich and Silvert were arrested and charged 
with contriving against a court decision and crossing intrastate lines with illegal contraband.

Both men were sentenced to prison. Silvert committed suicide and Reich died in prison of heart failure. Or so the record shows.

Did Reich's machine work? An interesting thing has happened in recent years. Many of Reich's books and papers have mysteriously turned up again and are back in circulation. Some of these can be read and/or purchased on the Internet. Also, largely due to the writings of such people as Robert Anton
Wilson, several scientific organizations, including the American College of Orgonomy and the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, have sprung up in complete defiance of the FDA and the corrupt judicial system that destroyed Reich. You can even find plans on how to build and use his orgone accumulator.

It is harder to get any information about Rife. His machine was such a threat to the established medical community that almost all record of this man was mysteriously erased. But I said almost. Again, with the help of the Internet, there are new websites 
springing up where information about this amazing scientist and his wonderful machine are surfacing. Not only that, but an original Rife resonator machine has been found intact. It has been carefully studied, modified, and information about how to build it also is circulating.

Not only did powerful interest groups destroy these two amazing scientists, they succeeded in causing millions of victims of terrible illnesses to needlessly suffer and die over the last 50 years. And it was all done in the name of money.

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