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Governments Can Now Invade
The Last Bastion of Privacy:
Your Mind

When I recently wrote about the government's new spy and surveillance technology, I missed one of them.

An article in the Russian newspaper Pravda indicates that the computer technology already exists that can read our thoughts. If true, this news is highly disturbing.

If there is a single bastion of privacy that should be left untouched, it is our minds. This is an area where we are constantly letting new thoughts and ideas enter, tumble and mix with older precepts until we reach conclusions. We do this all day and probably all night when we sleep. Whether right or wrong, we reach conclusions about people we meet, and about the people chosen as our nation's leaders. If we dislike certain people, we have always had the freedom in the United States to stand up and let our thoughts be known. We also have had the freedom to keep our thoughts to ourselves.

A government operated spy satellite that can single us out and tune into our thoughts means that someone privately harboring a personal dislike of our president, for example, might be singled out by the FBI as a dangerous person. Imagine being arrested and charged for just thinking bad thoughts about someone in power.

The Pravda story said the new satellites linked to computers operating on the ground can now monitor a person's every movement, even when he or she is indoors, deep in the interior of a building or traveling rapidly down a highway.

"There is no place to hide on the face of the earth," the story said. "It takes just three satellites to blanket the world with detection capacity."

The story said the spy equipment not only reads our minds, but can monitor conversations, manipulate electronic instruments and physically assault someone with a laser beam.

I am not surprised that such a device exists. I have met people who seem to always know what other people are thinking. I suspect that we have all had a certain "feeling" when we are with someone who dislikes us. Even if that person doesn't tell us his or her feelings, we know them anyway.

During our training with tapes from the Monroe Institute we learned how to communicate with animals and aliens with mental picture images. A few years ago I started experimenting with reading the minds of strangers around me and discovered that I could do it.

Here are two examples of my experiments. One day I was sitting alone in the car in a parking lot while my wife was in the store shopping for a few groceries. I spent my time attempting to "tune in" on the people walking past. A young lady approached and I had an immediate image of shopping carts. I thought it odd because she was walking away from the store and she was not pushing a shopping cart. A few moments later she began collecting loose shopping carts in the parking lot and after getting enough of them together, she pushed them back into the store. She turned out to be a store employee who was sent out to get the carts left in the lot by various customers.

Also that day an elderly man pulled his car alongside of mine. I immediately had an image of this man with a fishing pole. Later, while driving home, we passed a deep drain along the road that is known as a popular fishing spot. And there this same man stood, pole in hand, angling for his lunch.

So how was I able to do this? Why is it that I have successfully brought birds and other wild animals to me by simply projecting images of food?

Anyone who has ever had a brain disorder or injury has probably had their head attached to a bunch of little wires leading into a machine called an electroencephalograph or EEG. This device, a type of computer that reads electromagnetic neural activity in our brain, has been used by brain specialists for years to determine the degree of injury to the brain, and whether the brain is functioning normally.

The Pravda article said that as early as 1981, G. Harry Stine wrote in his book Confrontation in Space that computers could decipher the outputs of EEGs. Since then the technology of mapping the visual areas of the brain, by reading these neural magnetic images, was done by scientists at Vanderbilt University.

In 1992, Newsweek reported that "with powerful new devices that peer through the skull and see the brain at work, neuroscientists seek the wellsprings of thoughts and emotions, the genesis of intelligence and language. They hope, in short, to read your mind."

In 1994, a scientist noted: "current imaging techniques can depict physiological events in the brain which accompany sensory perception and motor activity, as well as cognition and speech," the Pravda story said.

In other words, the technology has existed for about eight years for surveillance satellites to read minds. Don't think for a minute it is not being done.


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