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Immunity Advisory Ready For Shipment Sept. 11


By James Donahue

Aug. 22, 2005


The Luciferian produced booklet Enhanced Immunity 12-SL will be ready for shipping on Sept. 11, Psychic Aaron C. Donahue told his Internet radio audience Sunday.


He said this booklet will be vital to helping followers of the new Luciferian Order get their minds and bodies in physical condition to not only live longer and better, but to ward off a series of plagues and deadly pathogens that he envisions sweeping the planet.


Donahue said these diseases, revealed in the Book of the Revelation as the Sixth Seal, will begin a killing tide that will follow the death of Mabus, or Saddam Hussein, as foretold by the French prophet Nostradamus.


He said he wants all Luciferians to survive this assault on the human race and be ready for a new world renaissance that he believes could be lying in the future.


He said the bright side of a plague like H5N1 is that it could kill a third of all humans. It this happens it will bring such a shift in world thought that we may be able to avert World War III, extend the life of the planet and begin working on a one-world government designed to salvage what is left of the Earth’s vital resources.


“We could still have a beautiful future,” Donahue said.


But he said the trick will be getting immune systems in top notch condition to resist and survive the plagues when they strike.


Donahue said he sees more than just H5N1, or the bird flu, taking a toll on human life. He said there are many new super pathogens out there and some are already beginning to make an appearance. They are so deadly that when they hit, if our bodies aren’t in top condition, we have no chance of surviving them.


Enhanced Immunity 12-SL will be the first of a series of 33 booklets that will be issued to those who choose to follow the program, Donahue said.


All of the booklets are lectures prepared to be delivered in a classroom setting. Because time is so short, Donahue said he is selling them for a price of just under $10 each.


Each booklet will offer important information for personal physical and mental health, and mental and spiritual growth. Each book must be read and the recommendations for life changes understood (and hopefully practiced) before the next book is made available, Donahue said.


He said he originally planned to require that readers pass an exam before going on to the next lecture. He said the exam is no longer required because time is running out.


After all 33 books are received, the initiate will be ready to purchase book 34, which is the first stage of the practical application of non-historical data. That book will reveal how to see lottery numbers in advance of the daily drawings.


Donahue said getting to the point where you are able to see lottery numbers involves a lot of hard work and personal preparation. Once you get there, winning numbers also will be difficult. But the average person can make a living doing it.


“You will not get rich. There is a spiritual component involved in this. You will win just enough to meet your needs. You will be able to quit your job and devote time to spiritual growth,” he said.


He said similar high-priced books and CDs offered by remote viewers who claim to see lottery numbers are bogus. He warns that the techniques offered do not work and will only leave the buyer frustrated.


Donahue said his books are being offered at a very low cost so that everyone can afford them. He said they are being sold at just over cost. Any additional money will be used to open new and better radio broadcasting and television production studios designed to make presentations on the Internet. Temples also will be opened around the world for members to gather and learn.


Persons wishing to sign up for the program or make cash donations to the Luciferian Order are encouraged to contact him on his website or write to: 


PMB #102
3964 Rivermark Plaza

Santa Clara, Ca 95054 

For more information on purchasing Enhanced Immunity 12-SL go to Aaron’s website at or watch this website for future promotional.


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