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Aaron And Jennifer Open Book Sales; Call For Luciferian Support


By James Donahue

Aug. 15, 2005


Psychics Aaron C. Donahue and his sister Jennifer Sharpe issued a call Sunday for support in the form of book purchases and financial gifts to help raise money for opening temples and broadcast studios on a world wide basis.


Donahue said he will be ready in two weeks to begin mailing out his first important booklet, a lecture titled “Enhanced Immunity 12-SL.” He said this booklet may save the lives of his listeners when the plagues begin as early as next winter.


The booklet, which sells for $9.96 plus shipping and handling, will offer important tips on building and enhancing personal immune systems to ward off a number of pandemics that he sees sweeping the world over the next few years.


He said efforts to make a vaccine to head off the threat of the new H5N1 virus, best known as the bird flu, may not be successful because the virus is mutating as it learns to jump from species to species, including man. Also, Donahue said the best antibiotics on the market are no longer effective against some of the new super bugs that include strains of killer strep and tuberculosis.


He said the best defense humans can have against these diseases will be keeping our immune systems healthy. This booklet will help everyone bring their immune systems up to top condition and provide important maintenance for life.


 He said this will be the first of a series of lectures and books that will be coming off the presses in the months ahead. They will teach readers in easy-to-understand clarity just how to not only improve personal health but to follow the Luciferian spiritual path and prepare minds for contact.


Also among the books will be instructions on remote viewing, winning simple lottery numbers, and for advanced students, some of the secrets of Practical Application of Non-Historical Data (PAN).


Donahue said his first book is vital to many people for their very survival in coming months. He said it will be published in at least three different languages, and offers simple tips that can be applied anywhere in the world.


Donahue said the other benefits from keeping our immune systems fit are that we feel better, enjoy life more, and we live longer.


Donahue and Sharpe also asked listeners to consider donating money to the Luciferian order to help finance the development of better radio and television production studios and open temples around the world.


“If you have an extra dime and can send it, do that. If you have ten million dollars to donate, you need to send it,” Donahue said. “With your help we will push through the barriers and get our message out to the world.”


“Now is the time for you to invest in something that will turn things around for you,” he said.


Sharpe said Aaron’s dire predictions of the future do not need to happen. But she said to make the changes, Aaron needs to be heard all over the world and there needs to be a major paradigm shift in thought.


Donahue said major gifts should not be sent because of personal guilt or with expectations. “I am a Luciferian through and through,” he said. “I cannot be bought. You must not expect anything in return for this money.”


But he promised that donations made with a quiet mind, and without expectation will bring unexpected blessings.


Send checks or book orders to:


PMB #102
3964 Rivermark Plaza
Santa Clara, Ca 95054

For more information on purchasing “Enhanced Immunity 12-SL on the Internet,” go to Aaron’s website at or watch this website for future promotional. The book formally goes on sale in about two weeks.

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