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Donahue To Release Instructional CDs


By James Donahue

July 26, 2005


Psychic and magickian Aaron C. Donahue announced Sunday that he will be releasing instructional CDs and videos to assist people in their spiritual path.


Donahue said he is preparing a series of lectures on a variety of topics including remote viewing, longevity, using the prophetic area of the brain, seeing lottery numbers before they are drawn, building a home sleep chamber and achieving optimum physical, mental and spiritual health.


Included in the lecture series will be all 11 stages of remote viewing, plus advanced courses on developing the mind for the acquisition of non-historical data.


People who successfully complete the training should be able to use the skills they learn to see lottery numbers, crack codes and understand probabilities of future events, Donahue said.


The CDs, which will be available at a very reasonable cost of under $10, will be especially beneficial for people choosing to follow the Luciferian path. But they also will be instructional for anybody, Donahue said.


He said he is selling this information at an affordable price because he wants it to be available to anyone interested in taking the path to physical, mental and spiritual evolution.


The money charged will help cover the cost of manufacturing the CDs, supporting the Luciferian media center, and opening temples around the world for Luciferians to gather.


“These will all be important lectures that you will be free to pass on to your friends. I want to teach you much of what I know.”


Watch this website and Aaron C. Donahue’s site at for instructions on how to order these important CDs as soon as they become available. Also listen each Sunday to Donahue’s lectures on the Internet radio Voice of Lucifer at

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