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The Jesus Image

The Beatification of George W. Bush


By James Donahue


Jeff Rense posted on his website this chilling letter from a woman who explained her vote for George W. Bush:


“I have been rejoicing since Bush’s (the good Lord aboves win!) victory. He is a family and moral man and believes in the sanctity of marriage, honesty, anti-choice/pro life. He is going back to the beliefs of our founding fathers . . .” she wrote.


“Of course since God is with Bush the world hates him because they don’t want to turn to the Bible and away from their vile-sinful lifestyles that are abominable to God.


“Jesus was hated by the world too. Doesn’t it make since (sic) when you are born again truly through the blood of Christ the world would hate you too? Well, that is Bush. Wake-up. Bush sincerely cares about this nation because he has the love of God living within him.”


The woman’s letter expresses a general Christian blindness that has given the most bungling politician, world terrorist and environmental criminal to ever enter the White House a second term in office.


Not only is the writer ignorant of the religious concepts introduced by the “founding fathers,” who were Masons, but she fails to realize that Christians now comprise nearly a majority of the people now living in the United States, and they control not only the government, but the courts and the media. Anyone outside this controlling circle is in danger of being hunted and persecuted as the alleged “Communists” during the McCarthy era were once hunted.


I cringed a few days before the Nov. 2 election when I caught a televised appearance by Mr. Bush. Someone in the crowd said he felt secure with Bush because it was like “having God in the White House.”


Indeed, statements like the above come about as close to Bush worship as people can get without declaring the man a deity. Early rulers, from Nimrod down through the Egyptian kings, declared themselves gods and demanded public worship. Until recently, the only one that seemed to fool people into thinking himself anything like a deity was the Pope.  


That political web sites have implanted the face of Bush on various well-known portraits of Jesus Christ is well known. The concept of “Jesus Bush” has become an international joke.


What has been more disturbing are the various news clips of Bush with special lighting and the golden outline of the presidential seal showing like halos about his head. Other pictures depict Bush speaking with a cross clearly visible just over his shoulder.


The images were not made by accident.


They were taken by trained photographers and obviously done with the clear purpose of sending subliminal messages to all who saw them. I have collected a few for display with this story.


While Bush isn’t clever enough to prepare these kinds of public deceptions, a man like Karl Rove, the genius who promotes Bush and some believe runs the country from the shadows, certainly is.


Bush is not a deity. When the truth is someday known, people will be shocked at the peculiar behavior of the religious fanatics apparently willing to bow down to him.


The spiritually blind Christians fell right into Rove’s cleverly prepared trap. Those that fell into lock step seem perfectly willing to beautify the man.









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