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Why Obama May Be Stalling On The Torture Issue

Fate Of American Newspapers A Growing Crisis

Examining A Citizen-Inspired Plan to Fix The Economy

That Unending Search For Noah's Ark

Funny Headlines, Statements and Signs

Slow Wheels of Government Need To Be Greased

Modern American Heroes Condone Torture

Will Science Create A Real Frankenstein Monster?

Child Protective Services - An American Evil

Do Plants Think - Scientists Are Beginning To Believe It

Deadly New Pathogyns A Threat To Man And Beast

Lake Erie's Legendary Monsters of Shipwreck

Child Protective Services - An American Evil Part 2

Encountering The Doorman

America's Polarity Over The Abortion Issue

America's Parental Gender War For Child Custody

Is The Military Industrial Machine Overpowering Obama?

The Days Of Peleg

Hancock Has His Finger On Real Human Origins

Secrets Behind The Great Serpent Mound Of Ohio

The Intensified War Between Good And Evil

Building More Cars Is Not The Answer

Gruesome New Theory - We Ate The Neanderthals

Strange Synchronicities About The Oklahoma City Bombing

Wal-Mart Adventures: Waiting For Health Care Reform

Do The Ica Stones Alter Human Perspectives of the Past

An Examination of the Story of Noah

Miscalculating the Intelligence of the Electorate

The Michael Jackson Smokescreen

Ancient Irish/Scottish Roots In North America

Source of Mystery Morgellons Disease Found

North Korea - A Serious Problem or a Nuisance?

Amazing Julesrod Collection of Ancient Figurines

The Great Fluoride Scam

Is Mt. St. Helens A Deadly Supervolcano?

That Strange Tower of Babel Story