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Scientific Discovery: We Occupy "Animal" Bodies


By James Donahue


A recent discovery by scientists exploring the mysteries of human and animal DNA strands has left some people in high academic circles surprised.


What they discovered is that large segments of DNA in humans are identical to the strands found in all other world mammals.


Once called “junk DNA” because researchers examining the gene codes in humans found no use for it, the name has been changed to “mystery DNA” segments. While they appear important to both man and beast, genome scientists say they don’t yet know why.


This implies that the code is so vital that it was not changed even after millions of years of evolution, according to an article in the journal Science.


The article said a team of scientists at University of California, led by David Haussler, compared the genome sequences of man, mouse and rat. They discovered that several great stretches of DNA were identical in not only these species, but also in dogs, chickens and even fish.


“It absolutely knocked me off my chair,” Haussler said.


The double-stranded DNA molecule contains from 25,000 to 30,000 genes that cells use as templates to start the production of proteins.


The structure of the DNA strand is comprised of chemical compounds that in themselves split into as many as 3 billion base pairs within the cells of mammals. Obviously, things get pretty complex the deeper scientists look within the human and animal cell.


What has confused researchers is that many of these so-called “mystery DNA” regions do not appear to code for production of protein. This is why they were once thought to be junk, or unimportant parts of the code. Some suggested it was just “useless padding,” Haussler said.


But finding the same strands in all mammals is making the scientific community rethink its original concept.


Obviously the function of these strands “is clearly of great importance,” the article said. It suggests that any change would have damaged the animal’s ability to survive.


Not only does the similarity in DNA support the concept of evolutionary change and development on this planet, it also makes it clear that humans are unique beings that occupy the bodies of earth animals.


Not all of the human DNA matches the DNA code of the dog, rat, chicken and fish. There is something unique in us. Something happened thousands of years ago that changed the human code and make us unique among all other world creatures.


While the primate humanoid body was already successfully designed by the Mother Earth before Lucifer’s arrival, that body was occupied by an animal mind. It had basic left-brain survival knowledge and lived like an animal.


Some say it was God, while others suggest it may have been alien interference that altered the DNA of these early primates. Whatever happened, we appear to have been turned from animals to thinking, sensual beings almost overnight.


Is it possible that we are aliens occupying the bodies of earth animals? Are we all children of the stars?