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Introducing The Women Of The Luciferian Order


By James Donahue


A special treat awaits fans of psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue during his Internet talk radio show Sunday, April 10.


Jennifer, one of the women of the Primary Eleven within the Luciferian Order, will be speaking about the role of these special women in setting examples for women to live by, achieving mutual spiritual attainment between men and women, and working within “a psychic’s think tank.”


Among the important topics to be addressed will be the need for spiritual equality in a religion dominated world that has taught spiritual suppression against women for thousands of years.


Jennifer and Aaron also will be discussing their definitions of the new roles for both men and women under the Luciferian Order.


For example, in his agenda for Sunday’s show published today on his website at, Donahue asks why the next Roman Catholic Pope, the next Dalai Lama and the Muslim Ayatollah cannot be replaced by a woman?


Even more terrible in its perspective, Donahue notes that some Muslims continue to insist upon the surgical removal of the clitoris in pubescent girls.


Jennifer also will be issuing a call to all women at this critical time in human events.


Donahue will be talking briefly about world events and if time allows, will take questions from listeners.


To hear the show, go to Donahue’s website and click on RadioAaron. The broadcasts are offered without charge and begin every Sunday at 11 a.m. Pacific, and 2 p.m. Eastern Time. All shows are archived in case you miss the live broadcast.


There is an active chat room where listeners gather before each show. Aaron and Jennifer are expected to be available in the chat room for personal exchange after the show.

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