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How To Kill Angels
By James Donahue
Angels are not gifts from God. That is a lie.
The beings we call angels are sub-space aliens that can influence our thoughts and consequently manipulate our actions. Contrary to public belief, the angels have never looked out for our best interest. Instead, they are slowly leading us into self-destruction rather than allow us to evolve into our full potential.
Why would angels want to destroy us? That is because we have the power to destroy them by mere thought.
With the church and all world religions in chaos, there has never been a better time than now to rid ourselves of these pests. They are worse than pests because they have succeeded in enslaving the human race by creating these twisted religious belief systems for thousands of years. It is through religious manipulation that the angels have caused wars, corruption and hatred among humans who have no reason to fight.
Many Christians will find the idea of killing angels revolting. That is because the angels have succeeded in creating a secret worship of themselves among many Christians. If you don't believe me, think of the angel images posted around the house, especially at Christmas. Angel forms, looking childlike with wings, are hung on trees, placed on tables, on mantels and in our yards. These plastic, glass and wooden idols need to be smashed along with all of the images of Jesus on the cross, the Virgin Mary, the Buddha and all of the other so-called "gods" and "saints" that bring people on their knees around the world.
Now remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue has outlined a formula for driving away the angels, or destroying them. You can find this data on his web site at
He spent a session looking into ways for us to defend ourselves against what he called "angelic interference."
In his comments, Aaron notes that because we are dealing with sub-space beings, in another dimension, our three-dimensional technologies have no effect on the angels.
"Within the bicameral nature of the human brain lies the best defense," he said. "We must learn how to use our brains as a whole unit and recognize cultural influences of the angel. Conscious awareness is a key."
What Donahue means by learning to use the whole brain, is that we must turn on the right hemisphere of our brains, and then learn how to use both the left and right halves of our brains in harmony. Researchers at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia, have discovered how to do this. If you can't afford the time and cost of attending one of their one-week training sessions, then go on their web site and order the various home training courses. It will be money well spent. Once you get the whole brain working properly, your life will be changed forever. And you will have no trouble getting rid of the hundreds of angels that you will find hanging around you every day.
That's right. You will be shocked when you first leave your body and look around. You don't have just one "guardian angel" whispering thoughts in your head. You are likely to find a dozen or more of the critters. And they aren't lovely ladies or pretty cherubs with wings. They look like a cross between a bat and a gargoyle. Once you see an angel face to face, you won't have any trouble killing it.
Aaron writes on his site: "Now that the four primary religions of the human race are failing, it is time to realize the potential for social harm angels have bestowed upon man via these and many other fraudulent and destructive belief systems. You might say that it is time to drive the stake into the vampire's heart now that it is on its knees praying, and begging for 'God's' mercy . . ."
To do this, Donahue says we must raise the frequency of our brain "to 40.0-45.0 Hz (an EEG, biofeedback, and other monitoring will help, etc.) and focus upon the impossible thought of nothing. Let the paradox frustrate you and then return to the 40.0-45.0 Hz in meditation. Continue to focus upon nothing pushing the envelope of frustration raising the frequency higher until extreme exhaustion.
"Continue this exercise until you achieve a "relaxed" or controlled frequency of 150.0-300.00 Hz.
"Call upon the angel that you wish to influence via this higher frequency range and attempt to breach the frequency of the entity, as you remain calm and focused," Donahue writes.
Reaching what Aaron calls a state of "no thought" is not as easy as it sounds. It takes years of meditation and self discipline. Again, however, the Monroe "Hemi-Sync" tapes can help you get close to this mental state. Another route would be through the practice of yogi, under the direction of a well-trained professional.
It is obvious that Donahue does not expect all humans of the world to get in lock step and go on an angel-killing rampage. What he wants, however, is for those practitioners of mediation, Hemi-Sync, yogi, and other Eastern arts of self discipline, to join him in this project. If enough humans can succeed in raising the frequency of their brains, Donahue believes they will create a condition comparable to a high-pitched noise that the angels will find intolerable. They will then flee and leave us alone.
"Let the angels beware," Donahue writes. "The earth is for the human race and we will survive into the future in spite of angelic intervention. It is time for our 'parents' to let us go.
"Man serves the divinity within and the angel must now serve man or be banished.
"There is a universal God or "higher energy state" and it is NOT the angel but rather it is the divinity expressed as love within us all and far beyond . . . " Donahue concludes.