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Killing "Angels"

I recently had the editor of a Native American publication write to say he was not interested in my stories because they do not always involve the Indians.

I wrote back and reminded him that American Indians are living on the same planet as the rest of us and that we are all in this same mess together. I am attempting to wake up enough people to stop the insanity.

What people need to know is that we are all very special. We have special abilities that we forgot because an alien creature whispered lies in our ears. We were told that we are servants to an external god and that we need these aliens, who we call angels, to keep us safe and guide us on our path through life.

The truth is, we are the gods. The angels are the invaders. Once we understand this, then collectively we can unite to drive them off this planet. We are so powerful that we can do this with mere thought.

If you want proof of this, sign up for a class at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia. Learn how to leave your body and see the angels for yourselves. They are easy to find. The moment you leave your physical body among the first life forms you will meet will be tall, skinny, bat-like substances of light. You might find quite a few of them standing around you. (I doubt, however, that you will see them at the institute. Go back home and then try this experiment after learning the technique.)

The people at Monroe Institute will teach you several other important things about traveling in sub-space.

First, you need to protect yourself from invasion by outside forces, which might take over your body while you are away from it. This is the reason for an energy balloon that you create. You simply think of it with your mind and wrap it around your body.

Second, you will be shown how to make an "energy bar tool." This is a bar of energy that you also create with your mind Then you always have it available to use for a variety of things once you are away from your body. You can bring it into existence by mere thought at any time.

The energy bar tool was devised by Robert Monroe for positive functions. He taught how to use it for such things as healing your own body and remote viewing things far away from you. You can turn it into a telescope to see anything you want to see.

We have learned one more important use for this tool. It can be a deadly weapon. Use it just like the characters in Star Wars, thinking of a deadly light ray coming out the end of it, and you have the perfect angel-killing device. It slices them into pieces.

Angels, a fourth dimensional alien force living among us, have no defense against such a weapon. They don't seem to understand death. It is odd that they just stand there, stupefied, when you come at them with your killing machine running. You slice them into pieces and they can't believe this is happening to them.

The problem with the angels is that there are so many of them, I believe they inhabit this planet by the billions. We have actually found nests of them, deep in the Earth, where they breed. And yes, the angels reproduce. They seem to feed on human fear, which explains why they have helped establish a social structure for us that keeps most people afraid all of the time.

I once wrote that angels surround us and put ideas in our heads, but I said they could not physically harm us. Since writing this, and since exposing these beings through my writings, my wife, Doris, and I have found ourselves under physical attack by these things.

I came home from work one afternoon and found Doris extremely ill. She was so weak she could not get up off the couch. She did not seem to be running a fever and there were no signs of influenza, which was circulating at about that time, so I suspected problems from sub-space. Also, it was not long before I too started to feel weak and lacking energy. I took a brief trip out of my body and there it was. Our apartment was filled with angels. They packed our space. By sheer numbers they were draining our energy and making us ill.

Out came my energy bar tool and I went on a killing spree. I made about three swipes, destroying the creatures packed around Doris, but then was suddenly yanked back into my body by a noise. Doris was talking to me. She did not realize that I was out of my body. I suppose she thought I was just napping in my chair.

I told her what I had discovered. She said she was amazed at the sudden improvement of her condition. She got up and let me know that her recovery had been immediate. The moment I killed the "vampire bats" surrounding her, she had relief.

When I went out of my body the second time, the apartment was nearly empty of angels. I found a few lingering in the kitchen and destroyed them. Since then, they have been leaving us alone. I check on occasion and rarely find angels around us.

While we have peace where we live. Peace on our jobs is a different story. Angels inhabit people. Fellow workers around us are often inhabited, and when this happens, they can be used as instruments of attack. The angels are very skilled at this kind of tactic. Since they cannot enter this dimension, they use bodies of unaware humans to do their evil work.

Many of you are obviously thinking that this writer has lost his marbles. He is totally loony. Not rowing with two oars.

You must understand that since exposing things I have discovered in recent articles, I have gone into open warfare against the angels. Without some help now, life is probably going to be very difficult. I am surrounded by possessed souls; people who have no idea why they suddenly dislike me and want to do harm. They are being manipulated like puppets on a miniature stage.

Even if you doubt, I suggest that you try this simple experiment. Sit quietly in your home after finishing this article. If your computer or television is on, turn them off. Another controlling alien force, known as the Annunocki, gave us this energy to keep our brains fried. It is almost impossible to leave your body with these devices running nearby. The angels seem to be working closely with the Annunocki. In fact I once thought they were one and the same. But they are not.

Back to leaving your body. Sitting in a quiet room, close your eyes and imagine yourself floating up and out of your body. Think of a trap door in the back of your head. Open this and float on through. It should seem natural to you because most of us do it every night when we sleep.

Once out, think of a tall, skinny "Batman" in a dull light standing next to you. The moment you see it, think of a sword in your hand. Use it and slice this thing in half. Cut off its head and throw it backward over your head and behind you. Once you have done this, open your eyes. See if this changes your life.

If you have killed your so-called "guardian angel," you will first notice a strange sense of loss. It will be as if something important is missing in your life. But you will soon realize that you are only missing your daily dose of angelic instructions. For the first time you will be forced to think for yourself. Try this. Once you get used to the change, you are going to enjoy being yourself.

Be vigilant. No one has just one guardian angel. The one you kill can be quickly replaced. Just don't let another one in. And if it happens, kill it too. You deserve to be free of this unwelcome and destructive alien influence. Don't be enslaved any longer!