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Angels are Not The
Nice Guys We Are Programmed To Believe 

By James Donahue
People have a belief that angels are God's helpers on Earth. Ornaments of angelic beings are found everywhere in our culture. Sometimes they are yard ornaments. They decorate our homes, especially during the Christmas holiday. Pictures and statues of what we think they look like are found in our churches.

There has been a swelling interest in angels in recent years. Many books about them, including personal stories about angelic encounters have been written. Stories, which may be quite true, are told about miraculous events involving angels.

Everything we know, or think we know about angels, comes from the Bible. Yet a careful study of the scriptures reveals very little about these strange, invisible life forms that seem to have a major influence on our lives.

Most people believe they exist. Christians, who make up a majority of people in the English speaking world, say they believe in angels because the Bible says they are real.

Everybody has, or thinks they have, a holy guardian angel. That is one specific angel assigned to watch over them throughout a lifetime. Some people call them HGAs for short. I haven't found anything in the Bible, however, to support this belief.

I hate to break the bubble, but I think our concept of angels is pure myth. It is a carefully fabricated lie put in our heads by the angels themselves. Oh angels exist all right. A few years ago when I learned to leave my body and visit the spirit world, I found all kinds of living beings there, including angels.

Angels are not beautiful creatures, at least by our standards. They appear to me to resemble tall, skinny bats. They usually show themselves as a flickering light. At other times they have a blue hue. They have pointed little ears at the tops of their small heads, and large black eyes. There are male and female angels, and they reproduce much like humans. And they are not immortal.

Angels appear to have arms, but I have never seen any evidence of wings. They are not birds, but they have a covering that looks a little like feathers. Where we developed the belief that angels have wings is difficult to understand. The only place in the Bible that comes close to suggesting they are winged is in Daniel 9:21, where the writer notes that the angel Gabriel came to him "in swift flight." Angels live in sub-space, and don't need wings to get around there. Anyone can fly in sub-space. You just think of where you want to go and you are there.

I think the Native Americans see angels although I don't think angels are a positive part of the Indian culture or even in their vocabulary. They may call them something else. The ancient cultures that left rock carvings in the southwest United States certainly saw them and probably recognized them as a major, but not necessarily good influence in daily life. Angels seem to be depicted in the carvings.

The Navajo Indians consider owls a bad omen, and will shoot these birds the moment one is seen. I always thought it odd, for a people who profess to love the Earth, to have such a fear or dislike of owls. It recently occurred to me that owls look something like angels. I suspect there is a link.

There are a lot of angels. I have seen them gathered by the thousands. I doubt if we have a single HGA, but rather, many angels hanging around us most of the time.

What troubles me about this is that the angels appear to be able to put thoughts and ideas into our heads without our realizing it. Since becoming conscious of this, I have been troubled by it. I don't like the idea of an unknown and invisible intelligence tinkering with my personal thoughts and affairs.

About a year ago I decided to fire my HGA, at least the one that was around me most of the time. Firing an angel is hard to do because they won't leave just because you tell them to. They seem to have a personal interest in humans that goes beyond Godly assignment. I think they generate personal fears and may even feed on our energy. It is my belief that the angels had a lot to do with generating the confining, fear-based culture that runs human affairs. Created to serve us, they have found a way to fool us into letting them be our masters. They are afraid of what we might become if allowed to evolve into the beings we were meant to be.

What is interesting is that we have gotten so used to the angelic energy around us that when it goes away, we immediately know it. I had a hollow, sinking feeling when the host of angels suddenly left me. But that feeling soon went away and I began enjoying the fact that I was free of outside influence for the first time. My thoughts and opinions are now my own. They are not something planted in my head by unseen forces.

Some Christian theologians might argue that the absence of angels might open the door for demon possession. This is possible if you allow it. I am personally as aware of demons as I am of angels. Either one can possess us at any unguarded moment. I don't allow any unwanted life form to occupy my space. There is always a guard at my door.

The apostle Paul wrote: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Eph. 6:12)

I always thought Paul was writing about demonic forces when he said this. But elsewhere in Scriptures, angels are described by rank as principalities and powers. You can find supporting verses in Col. 1:16; 1st Peter 3:22 and Eph. 1:20-21.

The American Heritage Dictionary describes powers and principalities as the sixth and seventh of the nine orders of angels, respectively.

For those of you who may argue that I am dealing with demons, I know the difference. Demons don't look anything like angels and they have a much different agenda. If we don't invoke them, demons usually leave us alone.

Because they are uniquely different in appearance and in their actions, I do not accept the Old Testament story that demons are fallen angels who followed Lucifer when God expelled him from Heaven. This never happened. Lucifer seems to be a real entity but I don't think he is a fallen angel. And demons are not angels.

There is an archangel who seems to be the chief manipulator behind the angelic war against the evolution of human consciousness, but his name isn't even Lucifer. He is Elohim, the Hebrew god of the Old Testament.

I will have more to say about Elohim at a later time.