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Notes From Weekly Newscasts
With Chad And SteveO For
Voice of Lucifer Internet Radio



March 31

Protest Marches All Over The World
Students and union leaders were hitting the bricks by the millions in France to protest a new labor law that stripped young people of job security, workers were protesting labor issues in the UK, and Latin-American workers were marching all across the United States in opposition to a proposed clamp-down on illegal aliens that came from Mexico to America for jobs. Issues in the Middle East also were heating up and the scent of war is in the air. Click For News Review

March 24

War, Student Riots, Water Issues And Fire At Sea
The news highlights this week involved continued civil warfare in Iraq, student rioting in Paris over a new youth labor law, a world-wide water conference in Mexico City, and a cruise ship ablaze on a cruise to Jamaca. Both Steve and Chad hit that professional sound on this, their second week on the air. Click For Stories

March 17

New Voices Tonight On Luciferian News


The Luciferian News Hour is going to sound a little different when it airs tonight on Voice of Lucifer Internet radio. That is because we have two new anchormen, Chad and Steve O. presenting the stories. Click For Story

Bird Flu And Middle East Bloodshed
The stories were taped on Thursday and the show was produced on Friday night, returning to the original time. The top stories again involved the Middle East mess. There was a virtual killing spree happening in Iraq, and Iran balked after the U.N. Security Council got involved in its nuclear program. Both the U.S. and Iran were rattling sabres by week's end. Also Bird Flu is spreading rapidly across Europe and Africa. Click For Stories

March 10

Show Is Moved To Thursday Night
Because of conflicts, Jim and the Dragon do the show on Thursday night. The highlights included the Bush trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan, the saber rattling between the US and Iran, and bullets and bombs shattering Sharon's efforts for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the US abandons the world effort to ban nuclear weapons, and the US efforts to hold its debt ceiling at $8.3 trillion. Click For Stories

March 3

World Chaos Intensifies
The Dragon carried this show as Jim was unable to participate. Stories included intensified killings throughout the Middle East, a Chinese threat after Taiwan's nutty president dismantled a program designed to prevent the island from breaking off from China, and President Bush's trip to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan under ultra tight security. Oh yes, the Arctic and Antarctic ice is melting so fast the oceans are expected to rise by about 20 feet. Click For Stories

Feb. 24

Civil War Threatened In Iraq
It was a week of violence in Iraq after a sacred 1200 year old Shiite Mosque with a golden dome was blown up in Baghdad. The attack triggered a deadly week of killings and bombings that many fear will turn into a civil war. Also the Islamic violence in opposition to the Danish cartoons continued to revirberate throughout the Moslem world. It was a week of conflict with little good news to report. Click For Stories

Feb. 17

Deadly Mud And Dead-Eye Dick
A massive mudslide in the Philippines left an estimated 1,800 dead and an entire town destroyed. Also this is the week that Vice President Dick Cheney shot his hunting buddy, a wealthy Texas lawyer, in the face while they were hunting quail. Also Iran is becoming a hot news issue. The Pentagon is planning an airstrike. Russia warns the US not to do it. Click For Text

Feb. 10

Islamic Anger Over Mohammed Cartoons
The Moslem people were in the streets all over the world this week, turning buildings, flags and demonstrating against a series of cartoons published in Denmark and then in other newspapers depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb on his head. This story highlighted world news for the week. Click For Text

Feb. 3

The Very Sad State Of Our Union
President Bush gives his annual State of the Union address amid the politics of the day, and he tells people what they want to hear. Easy to tell it is an election year. Other top stories include the sinking of a ship in the Red Sea that claims over a thousand lives and numerous other world disasters. Click For Stories

Jan. 27

Middle East Tensions Build - Does War Loom?
Jim and the Dragon outline big troubles brewing in the Middle East after Hammas gains enough votes to take over Palestinian government and world leaders gapple with Iran's push to build a nuclear power plant and possibly develop a nuclear bomb. It also was a week of horrible disasters. Click For Full Report

Jan. 20

Osama's Truce Offer Rejected
Chad Sharpe replaced Jim and accompanied Dragon Kloud on this broadcast. The lead stories involved a new threat by Osama bin Laden accompanied by a truce offer. The truce was rejected by the Bush Administration and we warn that might have been a very big mistake. Click For Stories

Jan. 13

Sidney Environmental Con-Job By Industrial Nations
Jim and the Dragon review a meeting by key industrial nations including the United States and are ignoring Kyoto and trying to make the world think they really care about reducing greenhouse gasses and global warming. We expose these frauds for what they are. Click For Story

Jan. 6

The Year 2006 Starting Off Bleak


It didn’t take long for the year 2006 to collapse into chaotic misery that already threatens to not only replicate the horrors of 2005, but surpass them. Prophet and Psychic Aaron C. Donahue warns that the great judgment has begun. Click For Story 


And for archived news report from the radio show Click Here


Dec. 30

Final broadcast of the year. Reports of Iraq war heating back up, general civil unrest, numerous natural and man-made calamities, Russian launch of new missile system designed to knock every else out of the sky, and EU's launch of new Galilio positioning satellite system. Click To Read

Dec. 23

Xmas Santas on a rampage all over the world, protesting the commercialism of the holiday, the effect of the New York Transit strike on Americans, continued unrest in the Middle East, and China declared the sixth largest commercial power in the world and growing. Click For Text

Dec. 16

Report on the World Trade Organization meeting in Hong Kong, the execution of Tookie Williams in California, and the growing crisis in Global Warming among other hot issues around the world. First show archived on Voice of Lucifer site. Click To Read

Dec. 9

Heavy review of events surrounding Global Warming Conference that went on all week in Montreal. One hundred fifty nations agreed to draft tougher rules controlling greenhouse gas emissions. George W. Bush didn't bother showing up and the U.S. delegation stonewalled the session, then walked out. Click For Notes

Dec. 2

First live broadcast with Jim and DK. Top stories included a report of runaway bird flu cases and possible human to human transmission in China, bird flu in pigs in Southeast Asia, the Mabus trial update, and global warming issues at a world meeting in Montreal. Click For Reports

Nov. 25

Jim and DK share stories for broadcast. Much hilariety expressed over the Dick Street story. Click For Notes 

Nov. 18

Bird Flu may be jumping from human to human in China; World Conferences for peace and free trade going on throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. Click For Text

Nov. 11

The shift in thinking with arch angels kept busy by world magickians. Also the Bush-Chavez face-off in Argentina, world rioting, and intelligent actions by US legislators? Click For Notes

Nov. 4

First show opened with a funny story about a guy getting super glued to a public toilet seat. Also hit on world political and financial chaos, and how some world leaders were actually thinking correctly while the arch angels were dealing with magickal intervention. Click For Notes

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