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Luciferian News Hour

November 25, 2005




China is fighting hard to keep the bird flu from spreading. Authorities there are going to extreme measures. They locked down the village in one province where a 24-year-old pregnant woman died of the virus last week, becoming the nation’s first confirmed human fatality. Officials in red arm bands are posted as sentries at the roads leading in and out of Yantan. Nobody gets in or out of town.


A Chinese official this week called bird flu a “serious epidemic” and pledged to step up measures to fight the virus. The statement came after the country reported its 17th outbreak since late last month. Throughout China billions of poultry are currently being vaccinated against the virus.


Four chickens found dead in Romania last week have been found to have been carrying the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus. Two other new outbreaks of the bird flu were discovered along the southeastern Danube Delta.


The H5 strain of the avian flu that struck British Columbia forced the culling of tens of thousands of birds on one poultry farm. But the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the disease did not turn out to be the virulent Asian form of H5N1. Nevertheless, several nations, including the United States, have banned receiving poultry from British Columbia.





The trial of Saddam Hussein resumes on Monday now that defense lawyers have ended a boycott. They agreed to return to court after security concerns for themselves and their clients were resolved. Two of the defense lawyers for Hussein and the other ousted leaders of his Iraq government have been murdered in recent weeks. The trial is being conducted by a court established under the new government of Iraq, although Hussein refuses to recognize it as a legitimate court. He is on trial as a war criminal.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue has identified Saddam as Mabus, a name that appears in a Nostradamus prophetic quatrain. The verse predicts that after Mabus dies, there will come “a horrible undoing of people and animals.” Donahue said he believes this is a reference to the bird flu and that the pandemic will occur after Saddam Hussein is killed.



Mad Cow

A man from Great Britain who lived in Houston for four years has been diagnosed with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human form of mad cow disease, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control confirmed. The 30-year-old man was diagnosed with the second U.S. case of the variant strain because his symptoms began while he lived in Houston. Earlier this year, he returned to Great Britain, where his disease progressed and he is now receiving medical treatment for the fatal illness.



War Protest


Protesters briefly set up camp once again along the road to President Bush’s ranch. They arrived before dawn on Wednesday, defying two new local bans on roadside camping and parking. County sheriff’s deputies arrested about a dozen protesters who refused to leave. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan arrived at the camp, located on private property made available by the landowner, later in the week. She is there today with about 100 protesters, helping Mr. Bush enjoy his Thanksgiving holiday.



Holiday Crash


A commuter train crashed into several vehicles in suburban Chicago Wednesday, causing a chain reaction of crashes and setting one vehicle ablaze. At least 13 people were hurt, some seriously



Business News


Auto sales have slumped so low in the US that both General Motors and Ford have announced extensive job cuts. The GM situation is so dire that the company is closing nine North American assembly, stamping and powertrain plants by 2008 and eliminating 30,000 jobs. General Motors has seen $4 billion in losses so far this year. Ford plans to eliminate 4,000 salaried jobs or 10 percent of its North American white-collar work force as part of a restructuring plan. Another 2,750 blue-collar workers also will be losing their jobs. The cuts, mostly scheduled for the first quarter of 2006, will involve attrition, layoffs and the elimination of some positions. Ford has seen $1.4 billion in red ink so far this year.





Global Warming


About 190 nations of the world will meet in Canada next week to try to enlist the United States, China and India to join in a UN-led fight against global warming. This is a very important meeting that will be held in Montreal from Nov. 28-Dec. 9. The talks will be aimed at finding ways to follow up on the 1997 Kyoto Protocol for curbing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, factories and cars.


Some believe the talks that begin next week will continue for another five years due to the complexities involved. Among the biggest concerns is that the world’s biggest polluter, the United States, backed away from the Kyoto Protocol after President George W. Bush took office. The United States, which will be represented at the talks, stands opposed to forcing industry to cut emissions.


The group will hear an important new report that levels of carbon dioxide, the principal gas the drives global warming, are now 27 percent higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years. The proof was found by researchers examining Antarctic ice cores.



European and Asian nations last week called for tougher world policies to halt greenhouse gas emissions that are blamed for global warming. Although the US was involved in hammering out the Kyoto Protocol in Japan in 1997, the Bush Administration opted out of the pact. James Connaughton, the president’s top environmental aide, told reporters this week that the protocol requirements were too costly. “The president is pursuing a strategy that is aimed at advancing economic growth, not subtracting from economic growth,” Connaughton said.



The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF International, said global warming is becoming a hot issue in Europe because it is affecting people’s lives and hurting businesses. The organization urged immediate action from the European Union. “Snow disappearing in Scotland, fewer bees in Italy, crop losses in Spain, forests on the decline in Germany and sea levels rising off the coast of England are dangerous signs of climate change in Europe,” WWF International said.


Scientists warn that a buildup of gases from burning fossil fuels will have a catastrophic effect on our climate if we don’t get it under immediate control. The violent hurricane and typhoon season just ending is only the beginning of the violent weather changes ahead. Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue warns that the earth will eventually get so hot and so toxic all life will go extinct. Donahue says the planet is already dying. All we can do now is take drastic steps to slow the process down.





European conservationists accused toilet paper makers of contributing to world deforestation by failing to offer consumers recycled products. Duncan Pollard of WWF said: “Everyday about 270,000 trees are effectively flushed down the toilet or end up as garbage around the world.” He said virgin fibers extracted from natural forests and tree plantations around the world are turned into toilet paper. “Consumers have no idea that they may be threatening the world’s forests when they go to the bathroom,” Pollard said. There is an easy remedy to the problem . . . hemp. It grows fast and produces a wonderful fiber that makes the world’s best paper. But in our crazy war on drugs, we have banned hemp from farm production. Hemp is cannabis and related to marijuana, you see.



Thirty-four people in China’s southern Guangdong province were hospitalized with stomach pain and vomiting after drinking poisoned water from a local river. The water supply was cut off indefinitely for Harbin, a city of about three million people, after it was revealed that a chemical plant explosion upstream polluted the river with benzene, a toxic carcinogen. Schools were closed and many residents were trying to leave the city in search of water. China’s waterways are considered among the most polluted in the world, and the nation is experiencing severe water shortages.





The most active Atlantic hurricane season on record generated yet two more storms this week. Tropical Storm Gamma flooded parts of northern Honduras killing at least 32 people and leaving 13 others missing. Honduran authorities launched a major operation to rescue people stranded by floods in the north of the country. The storm churned as a weak low pressure system for several days before becoming a tropical storm and going inland. It has since been downgraded to a tropical depression again. And now Tropical Storm Delta is churning in the mid-Atlantic with winds clocked at about 65 miles an hour. Will it become a hurricane? Time will tell.



Bush In China


President Bush went to China during his trip through the Far East. During his three-day visit there, his advisors say his goals there were to coordinate pressure on North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, talk with China’s President Hu about the growing trade deficit in the U.S., the widespread Chinese piracy of American movies and software, and what the administration considers an undervalued Chinese currency that keeps Chinese exports artificially cheap. Perhaps as a political gift to Bush, a multi-billion dollar agreement to purchase a fleet of new passenger jets from Boeing was announced by China.


In the meantime, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice expressed concern over China’s military build-up with a 2.5 million-People’s Liberation Army, now the world’s largest fighting force. Chinese President Hu Jintao assured Bush that China’s rise will be peaceful. This is significant because Beijing claims sovereignty over the island of Taiwan and has vowed to attack the self-ruled democratic country if it formally declares independence. Bush has promised that the US will defend Taiwan if China attacks. The US also is the island’s main arms supplier.


In another related development, Asian analysts declared this week that they believe that if the United States and China get involved in a war, China will win. Chinese victory could be achieved without the use of nuclear weapons, the analysts warn. The story noted that this assessment has been relayed to US government officials in recent months by countries such as Australia, Japan and South Korea. This supports the vision Psychic Aaron C. Donahue has had if a war breaks out between these two nations. Donahue envisions a long war that concludes with nuclear conflict. In the end, he said the United States would lose.



Japan’s Army


Another nearby nation, Japan, will once more have a military, in name, for the first time since the US stripped that country of the right to keep armed forces at the end of World War II. Japan has maintained Self-Defense Forces,” but now will be allowed to officially call it a military.



Christmas Hype


Notice that gasoline and oil prices are dropping just as the Christmas shopping season opens. There is news about how mild weather, recovery of oil production and refining facilities after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, is easing the demand for gasoline and fuel oil. Is it real or are they just forcing prices down to save the Christmas shopping season? Will people spend this year under the false premise that everything is getting back to normal and there will be cheap fuel once more? Do not be surprised if the price of fuel spikes through the roof in January. By then it will be too late to take it all back Christmas shoppers. Be wary. Be very wary.


Backing up the reports of oil and gasoline prices, the National Retail Federation announced this week that because of the sliding oil prices, the sales outlook for this Christmas season looks bright. The federation raised its growth forecast for the Christmas season from five to six percent.


All this fake news was driven back into reality by the sharp rise in claims for unemployment benefits. Another 30,000 people filed for help because they were out of work.



Alternative Fuels


Brazil wants to lead the world toward a revolution in what it is calling biodiesel production as an alternative to crude oil. Brazil’s President Luiz Lula da Silva has made biodiesel the centerpiece of his presidency. In March he inaugurated the first biodiesel production plant and this week visited the first 10 businesses ready to sell the fuel. He also is working toward the manufacture of automobiles that can burn this fuel. With the production of crude oil peaking and failing to meet the world demand, Lula believes Brazil is in a position to lead a new “energy revolution.” He says few countries can compete with Brazil where the oil from sunflowers, soy and tropical plants can be processed more cheaply than the US can make it from corn, and Europe from sugar beets.


Biodiesel is not ethanol. It is a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils like soybean oil, that meets certain specifications. It can be used in any concentration with petroleum based diesel fuel in existing diesel engines with little or no modification. It is produced by a chemical process that removes the glycerin from the oil. It contains no sulfur and produces reduced amounts of carbon monoxide and other emissions than petroleum fuels produce.



Venezuela Oil Deal


The government of Hugo Chavez, the outspoken socialist president of Venezuela and adversary of the Bush Administration, has agreed to provide thousands of low income residents of Massachusetts winter heating oil at a discounted price. The state owned oil company will supply the oil at 40 percent below the market price. The agreement gives Venezuela standing as a provider of heating assistance to poor US residents at a time when US oil companies have been reluctant to do so and Congress has failed to expand aid in response to rising oil prices.



Bangladesh Unrest


In Bangladesh, an estimated 100,000 people demonstrated in a massive protest against the current government, headed by Prime Minister Khaleda Zia (Caleda Zai). The demonstrators ordered the Islamist-allied government to “quit now.” They accuse Zia of fostering the rise of hardline Islam extremists in Bangladesh. Zia denies this.



Viagra Treatment


Patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension, a serious disease involving high pressure in the blood vessels that enter the lungs, can be helped by the male sex drug Viagra, according to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine. The report shows that in a study of 278 patients randomly picked to receive either Viagra or a placebo during a 12-week period, those that received the Viagra showed significant improvement in lung capacity during exercise.



Crazy People


In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Preacher Billy Joe Daugherty of Victory Christian Center was punched in the face by a man from his congregation while giving a call to the alter. “I thought he was coming to receive the lord but he had another plan.” Daugherty said.


The Catholic church says it now is drawing the line against allowing practicing homosexuals into the priesthood. The Vatican, however, will allow men who have “clearly overcome” homosexual tendencies for at least three years to proceed toward the priesthood. The proclamation does not address pedophile priests already working in the church. The whole issue of the celibacy of priests and nuns is an attack on human sexuality. When you think about it, Jesus cavorted around with a prostitute and spent three years camping out with men. Some historians argue that Jesus not only had sex, he may have been bi-sexual. And his mother, Mary, was not a virgin. That whole story is designed to control the sexual power of women. 


An 18-year-old youth was charged with indecent exposure in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, after workers in an arts center caught him with his pants down and straddling a female mannequin. A police spokesman described the event as “inappropriate activity between him and the mannequin. That’s the only way I know how to put it.”


In Brisbane, Australia, a 34-year-old woman was arraigned on a charge of endangering the safety of an aircraft. She admitted that she was drunk and attempted to open an airplane door in mid-flight to smoke a cigarette. Fortunately someone stopped her.


And in southern Nepal, thousands of pilgrims are pouring into the dense jungle to worship a 15-year-old boy who has been hailed as a new Buddha. This kid, Ram Bomjon, is silently meditating beneath a tree. They say he hasn’t eaten or had anything to drink since he sat down at that spot six months ago. People say light emanates from the boy’s forehead.


Irish fishermen casting their nets off the English coast this week hauled in bottles of Carolan’s Irish Cream liqueur, part of a consignment of 8,000 bottles swept off the deck of a freighter last month during a storm in the Bay of Biscay. The bottles were in special presentation packs destined for the Christmas market in Spain, so the lads from Ireland not only scored a tipple, but the glasses by which to drink it.


A drunk near Springfield attempted to flee a police cruiser on a riding lawnmower. Police said they were called to investigate the theft of the mower and found the man riding the machine across an open cornfield. They gave chase on foot and had to threaten to use a taser to get him to stop.


A man in Los Angeles is circulating a petition to get the name of the residential street he lives on changed. He says the name has become a slang expression that has made life difficult for homeowners. You see, they live on Dicks Street.


The Mystery X

Last Monday CNN aired Vice President Dick Cheney’s speech live from the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. A large black ‘X’  flashed over Cheney's face more than once. The 'X' was barely noticeable as it only appeared for less than a second each time. CNN has since apologized and called it a “technical glitch.”

But subliminal advertising and messages have been used for years to sway public opinion.Remember the presidential election of 2000? The Republican National Committee flashed the word "RATS" over a Gore prescription drug proposal. A spokesman for Bush then replied that such subliminal advertising was "bizarre and weird". The RNC had no comment.

The "RATS" ad ran more than 4,400 times in 33 markets nationwide in the last two weeks of the campaign, costing the RNC more than $2,576,600.

Subliminal advertising has been a part of the marketing strategies of many greedy corporate businesses it just stands to reason that greedy and unscrupulous politicians would stoop to that level for control of our subconscious minds.


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