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November 4, 2005


Opening Story


The guy in a Boulder Colorado Home Depot who sat on a restroom toilet seat smeared with super glue and was stuck there for 15 minutes before someone answered his cries for help. Bob Dougherty, 57, said employees ignored his cries for help because they thought he was kidding. “They just let me rot,” he said.


It happened on Halloween weekend so it is easy to understand why workers would think it was a hoax. Dougherty didn’t see anything funny about the prank, however. Paramedics had to unbolt the toilet seat with him still attached, and carry him out of the store in that condition.


Now that he has been separated from the toilet seat, Mr. Dougherty is suing the store.  



Chaos In Washington


Did you notice the chaos in and around Washington and Wall Street this week? If you listened to Aaron C. Donahue’s radio broadcast Sunday you know the reason. Aaron and many other magickians of the world were holding three powerful arch angels captive so they could not stay focused on their work.


Donahue says the fourth arch angel, Gabriel, has joined forces with Lucifer and the demons and is actually helping in keeping the other arch angels distracted and out of sorts this week.


The Valerie Plame case is running amok. The Vice President’s chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter Libby Jr. resigned after his indictment Friday on some 22 charges ranging from obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statement in the CIA leak investigation.


Karl Rove, presidential advisor, escaped indictment but he isn’t out of the woods. Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is still investigating whether Rove, Libby or any other administration officials knowingly revealed the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame. Was it an attack on Plame’s husband Joe Wilson for defying the president’s report that led us into the Iraq war? In his state of the union address, President Bush charged that Iraq had some kind of deal with Niger for the purchase of a large shipment of uranium used in making nuclear weapons. Wilson went to Niger to investigate and said the report was false. He has since been proven right and Bush wrong.


While this seems like a frivolous thing, it isn’t. We went to war with Iraq over that report. The question is, where did the original false report originate? Who told this to Bush? And why would people so high in government office be involved in smearing Wilson for simply telling the truth and trying to stop a war?


Notice how the Democrats forced the Senate into a rare closed-door meeting Tuesday to discuss the Iraq war. Things are going on this week in Washington. Watch closely as Aaron’s promise of a paradigm shift begins to happen before our eyes. The angels are on the run, my friends.




The Financial Chaos


Notice the conflicting financial messages being pumped out of Wall Street and other financial institutions this week.


Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan stood in Congress Thursday and said he believes the US. Economy remains sturdy in spite of three devastating hurricanes, Katrina, Rita and Wilma. He agreed the impact of the storms will “exert a drag” on employment and production “in the short term” and may aggravate inflation pressures. But he said the economic fundamentals remain firm and “the U.S. economy appears to retain important forward momentum.” Said as only Greenspan could say it.


The Commerce Department last week also released a report showing that economic growth in the third quarter expanded by 3.8 percent, an improvement from what it called a “solid 3.3 percent pace during the second quarter. The report assured everyone that the national economy still had stamina in spite of the destruction from hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


The nation also was shocked at the profits recorded by two big oil companies. Exxon Mobile Corp. reported third-quarter earnings of nearly $10 billion with quarterly sales topping $100 billion. Royal Dutch Shell, a competitor, posted a profit of $9 billion for the quarter. Not surprising with oil and gasoline prices soaring through the roof. Is something


And Wal-Mart Stores recorded October sales up 4.3 percent at its U.S. stores, beating its forecast of a 2-4 percent increase. Sales of food and gasoline helped in the increased sales. Wal-Mart, which offers low-cost food and gasoline, is benefiting from the spreading poverty.


That was the positive pre-Christmas hype . . . such as it was. Keep in mind that economic leaders know one important thing. The economy will stay stable only as long as the public believes it is stable. Once the truth sinks in, and I can’t understand why it hasn’t started sinking in yet, everything is going to collapse like a house of cards.


That is because money is an illusion. It is what we want it to be and what we think it is.


As long as Joe Smoo out there thinks he has a chance to make enough money to buy a home and new car and send his kids to college, he is going to keep on struggling. As long as he thinks he can simply win the lottery, he is going to stay optimistic.


But when winter heat bills hit, he loses his job or is forced to accept a lower paying public service position because the company he worked for moved to India, he is not going to spend much for Christmas. That is because he is broke.


That Walmart is doing well is an indication that an awful lot of people in America are down on their luck just now. They are spending at Walmart instead of on the mall or in their local grocery stores where prices are higher.


The oil companies are showing a profit just now because they can get away with jacking up the price of their product. That is because they know the demand is high and the supply is low. It is simple economics.


Elsewhere, things are not looking very good at all and Greenspan knows it.


The so-called Big Three US carmakers, General Motors, Ford Motor and DaimlerChrysler all disclosed huge falls in domestic sales in October after a year of giving heavy subsidies to encourage buyers. GM posted a 23 percent decline, Ford was down 26 percent, and DaimlerChrysler dropped 3 percent. Japanese sales, however, rose in the U.S. market.


Rising energy and raw materials prices were blamed for a slow-down in manufacturing growth during October. The Institute for Supply Management, in a monthly report on the U.S. economy’s industrial sector, said its manufacturing index was 59.1 percent in October, down from 59.4 percent in September.


And the newspaper industry is reporting a very bad year because of slumping sales of advertising space to business. The reduction in advertising is being expressed from both local and national sources, although classified sales are up.




H5N1 Virus


President George W. Bush on Tuesday presented what was promoted as a “plan” to deal with the avian flu. But what he did was ask Congress for $7.1 billion in emergency cash to prepare for a “possible pandemic.” This includes money to make more doses of what he said was a current vaccine against the H5N1 avian flu, money to accelerate new flu-vaccine technology, and money to stockpile more antiviral drugs.


Bush also said: “To respond to a pandemic we must have emergency plans in place in all 50 states, in every local community. We must ensure that all levels of government are ready to act to contain an outbreak.”


There also is a federal pandemic website. Go to:


What Mr. Bush was telling us is that he doesn’t have a plan, and doesn’t even understand the threat that is coming at us like a runaway freight train roaring at full throttle. He wants to deal with this disease like government deals with everything else. Appropriate a lot of money and then expect pharmaceutical companies to come up with miracles.


The problem with this plan is that there is no current vaccine in existence that will protect us against the H5N1 virus. The virus has to first mutate so that it can spread from human to human before we can identify it and start developing a vaccine. What evolves will be different than the virus now killing the birds so the vaccine developed against that variety of a virus may or may not help.


Under our current technology, science says it will take about a year to develop the vaccine and make enough of it to protect an estimated 6.5 billion humans. By then the pandemic will have taken its toll. We don’t have time to develop and test new and faster ways of producing vaccines.


One of the antiviral drugs Mr. Bush is talking about, called Tamiflu, has already been shown to be ineffective against H5N1. When tried in Vietnam with a family of children infected with the disease, it did not work. A little girl in that family died. We do not know the effectiveness of Relenza, the other brand.


The final part of the Bush plan, outlined on the government website, calls for local governments and law enforcement agencies to deal with this crisis on a local basis.


What is troublesome about H5N1 is that it already jumps from birds to humans. And when humans get this bug, the death rate is about 60 percent. And it isn’t just a normal kind of flu where you get feverish, sick to your stomach and ache all over. This bug is a viral hemorrhagic disease, like Ebola, that causes you to bleed from the eyes, mouth and ears. It kills within hours if not days.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue sees the pandemic lasting as long as a year and the government document is not unrealistic. By the time it is over, Donahue says a third of the human race will be dead. The air will be filled with the stench of rotting corpses because there won’t be enough people left to bury the dead, or anyone that wants to get close enough for fear of catching the disease.


There was another interesting government produced public announcement aired on some of the television channels last week. FEMA announced that expectations are so grim that total disruption of life as we know it can be expected once this pandemic strikes. They said the stock markets will crash, public services will be disrupted, and people will be on their own for a while. Communities were urged to develop programs for dealing with the crisis. People were advised to stay in their homes and wait for FEMA officials to help. They said FEMA has a plan to get water and food to every community within three days.


The FEMA plan calls for blockading movement from place to place, shutting down schools, shopping malls, and other places where people congregate, plans for military protection of hospitals that may be overrun by patients, and designation of places like churches for putting bodies.


Now think about that. If people are dropping dead from a disease this deadly, that anybody can catch if they have human to human contact, you can bet nobody is going to go to work. That means all public services will come to a screaming stop. The grocery stores will not be getting food trucked in every day. There will be no electric, telephone, gas or water service to homes. Mail will not be delivered. Doctors and hospitals will be overrun if anybody is working there at all. Police and fire services will be shut down. Under these conditions, do you really think FEMA will arrive at your house in three days with food and water?


This is going to be an every-man-for-himself situation. People need to be prepared to go in their homes and stay there for the duration . . . however long it takes. That means stocking up on food and water, medical supplies, and getting guns and ammunition to protect your supplies. We are talking Mad Max here.


Now for Luciferians, you should know by now that the guy who has the answers to surviving this pandemic is Psychic Aaron C. Donahue. Aaron has not only been talking about this disease for several years, he has been studying it. Nobody knows more about the avian flu than Aaron C. Donahue. You need to keep listening to him every week, and when his book on survival hits the market, be sure to snap up your copy. He wants to make sure you all survive this cleansing of the Mother Earth because you are going to be needed when the time comes to start putting things back together again.




Hurricane Beta

Hurricane Beta battered the mountainous Caribbean island of Providencia on Saturday, ripping roofs off wooden homes and forcing people to seek shelter in brick shelters on high ground. It then moved into Nicaragua as a Category 2 hurricane with winds of 105 mph, dumping heavy rains.

Beta was the 13th hurricane this year, more than any Atlantic season on record.

This season has also seen 23 named storms, more than at any point since record-keeping began in 1851. The previous record of 21 was set in 1933. Last week Tropical Storm Alpha formed, the first time a letter from the Greek alphabet has been used because the list of storm names was exhausted.

And some so-called scientists are still doubting global warming?



The War


October proved to be the second worst month on record for the number of American soldiers killed . . . 94 of them . . . since the U.S. and Britain invaded that country three years ago. To date, more than 2,000 American soldiers have perished in that senseless war and it appears there is no end in sight. We notice as the body bags stack up at home, Americans are beginning to ask questions and our legislators are starting to appear a little nervous when it comes to justifying a war over weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. Now it has become a war against Terrorism, even though no one has ever shown that Iraq had anything to do with the 9-11 assault on the United States.



A very troublesome revelation this week in the Canadian press. It appears that a Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late president of the United Arab Emirates, attempted to defuse George Bush’s rush to attack Iraq in 2002 by offering a proposal to allow Saddam Hussein and his family to flee into exile. The plan was supposed to have been presented to the Arab League, but it never got off the ground. Ironically, Hussein and Bush both were said to have known about the plan, and Hussein accepted it as a way to save his nation from the horrors of another military bombing attack.


So why didn’t the Sheik’s plan fly? Politics, as usual. The anonymous source of the story said the Arab League Secretary General did not bring the proposal up for discussion because Arab foreign ministers had not presented and accepted it as league protocol dictated. Arab League leaders also said the summit decided not to consider the idea because league rules barred interference in the domestic affairs of its members.


Think about how the angels interfere in our lives. There were many attempts to stop George Bush from sending American troops to attack Iraq. They all failed.



Global Warming


Another study by yet another science team published in the Journal of Climate this week warns that global warming is not only real, it is causing profound transformations on our planet “at a pace rarely seen in nature.” Kenneth Caldeira, a climate expert at the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology at Sanford University, one of the authors, warns of a total melting of the Arctic tundra and severe and irreversible damage to our climate if we don’t address this problem now. “If all we do is try to adapt, things will get worse and worse.

The lead author, Bala Govindasamy of the Energy Department’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, said it might take 20 or 30 years before the scope of the human-caused changes becomes evident. After that there will be no debate.

Were these fellows asleep this year when we had 13 hurricanes roar at us from the Atlantic Ocean? Or we had an army of super tornadoes march across the Midwest, and mass flooding as far north as the New England coast? We say the scope of human caused changes is already clearly evident. If we don’t do something soon, we won’t have another 20 or 30 years to worry about it.



Water Crisis


China reported on Tuesday that it has the most severe water crisis in the world and must solve this problem before it is too late.


The deputy minister of construction, Qiu Baoxing, said the supply of groundwater under China is falling and its per capita water availability is about a quarter of the world average and getting worse. He said the water supply is too small for China’s population of 1.3 billion people. Among China’s seven major rivers, five are seriously polluted, the report said.


Water is an international problem that other nations are facing, although we are not hearing much in the news. In the United States major rivers were running dry this year for lack of rain in the Midwest, and the aquifers under much of the country are falling, just as they are in China.


Our next wars may be fought over water.




Environmentalist Prince Charles


Prince Charles of England, a strong environmentalist, and his new bride Camilla, visited the White House Wednesday. We must wonder during private conversations with President George W. Bush if the prince repeated up some concerns voiced in last week’s interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” He told viewers he believes the pace of climate change is terrifying and that he believes economic progress is “upsetting the whole balance of nature.” Bush, who appears to be standing firm in his unwillingness to believe in the existence of global warming, needs to have his chain yanked as often as possible. The man has been the world environmental president in history and should never be allowed to forget it.




NASA’s Glory Mission


NASA has reversed a budget cutting decision to cancel a $208 million Glory satellite launch in 2007 after receiving letters from five lawmakers urging the agency too proceed with the mission. This is important because the Glory satellite was to carry some sophisticated sensing equipment designed to measure the consequences of human activities on climate change, including the measurement of greenhouse gasses. The instruments are designed to determine if human activities or natural climate variability are the causes of global warming. Instrumental in helping NASA put the project back on course were Congressmen Sherwood Boehlert, House Science Committee Chairman, R-NY, and Frank Wolf, R-Va.; and Senators George Allen and John Warner, both Virginia Republicans, and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Maryland Democrat.





India Train Crash


A damaged railroad bridge over a rain-swollen river in southern India sent a passenger train plunging into the water Saturday. At least 77 were killed and dozens more were trapped inside the derailed cars. Soldiers and local villagers used gas torches to cut open the wreckage to free people still trapped inside.




Patriot Act Renewal


The controversial Patriot Act, pushed through the House and Senate as an emergency measure in the days immediately following the attacks of 9-11, was supposed to come up for open debate this month, five years after the legislation was passed. But it isn’t going to happen. Both the House and Senate are in the process of renewing the act, and even adding some amendments that give it even more of a sting than the original act.


According to AlterNet, the new amendments would let prosecutors shop for new juries if the one they have is deadlocked on the death penalty, triple the number of terrorism-related crimes eligible for the death penalty, and authorize the death penalty for anyone convicted of financing an organization responsible for a terrorist death.


The two houses are still negotiating over the final wording of the bill so it hasn’t been made final yet. Opponents are trying hard to get the word out and launch a campaign to stop this bill from becoming a law of the land.




Cell-Phone Tracking Blocked


U.S. Department of Justice made two separate attempts last month to get lower court judges to approve using cell phones as tracking devices in possible criminal investigations. One case went before a judge in Long Island, New York. The other was filed in Texas. Both judges said “hell no” in clear and concise opinions, saying the government cannot snoop into the privacy of an individual without showing probable cause. Kudos this week to these two judges who refused to submit to a national trend to trade individual freedom in the belief that it will make us all safe from drugs and terrorism. Both cases are expected to be appealed.





Pakistan, India Open Kashmir Border


After years of squabbling over the ownership of the tiny territory of Kashmir, the killer earthquake that struck this embattled territory Oct. 8 appears to be breaking down borders for the good of humanity. The quake left an estimated 80,000 people dead and another 800,000 in desperate need of food, water and shelter as winter looms. After marathon talks, the two countries issued a joint statement that they have agreed to establish five crossing points along the Line of Control that has divided the Himalayan region for nearly six decades. Opening the border in predominantly Muslim Kashmir was a major move for India’s government after 16 years of fighting an insurgency by Islamic militants who want Indian Kashmir to be independent or united with Pakistan. That both India and Pakistan have atomic capabilities has made this religious-based conflict even more troublesome for the entire world.


The dark side of this conflict was the terror bombings Friday in two crowded New Delhi markets that left at least 59 people dead. A militant Islamic Kashmir group, possibly linked to al-Qaida and involved in the insurgency has claimed responsibility. Obviously some angelic-possessed person or organization wants to block a peaceful solution to the tension between these two nations. You can blame religion. The Kashmir people are primarily Moslem but there is a mixture of Hindu and even Buddhist worship in that little country. Pakistan is primarily Moslem. India is mostly Hindu.


Fortunately, cool heads are at work as well. Indian officials were hesitant to point the finger at Pakistani rebels following this attack. And Pakistan government officials were quick to condemn the bombings. Leaders of both countries have been working hard to hash out an unprecedented agreement to open the borders and speed relief to earthquake victims. If successful, this agreement could be a first step toward peace.




China Tourism Official Visits Taiwan


In the other hot-spot, the Island of Taiwan on the coast of Mainland China, Shao Qiwei, the head of China’s National Tourism Administration, is leading a 66-member delegation from China to visit tourist spots on the island. The 10-day visit is fueling hopes that the floodgates may be soon opened for Chinese tourists to visit the island. Taiwan, now headed by a fundamental Christian leadership, is resisting a move by China to claim the island as part of China. But there is movement afoot to avert tension that has existed since 1949 when the Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek fled to the island following Communist take-over of China. President George W. Bush has promised to defend Taiwan if China attacks the island. That promise could be a cornerstone for world war.




Supreme Court – Religious Issues


President Bush this week nominated an ultra conservative judge Samuel Alito as his next nomination to replace moderate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the U. S. Supreme Court. But Alito could be decidedly as much a threat to women’s rights in America as Harriet Miers would have been, if she had been successful in the original bid to get her on that bench.


While Miers had no record because she never served as a judge, Alito has taken positions supporting restrictions on abortion. As an appellate judge, Alito argued to uphold a Pennsylvania law requiring women seeking an abortion to tell their husbands. The Supreme Court overturned the law. In 1999 he wrote an opinion upholding a city hall holiday display that contained a nativity scene. Some lawyers have nicknamed Alito as Judge Scalito, which translates as “Little Scalia.” It suggests that the judge has modeled himself after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. And that might give you a clear picture of just how this man will vote if appointed to that bench.


This appointment is being watched closely because of the broiling split in America over abortion rights. Judge Sandra Day O’Connor was always the fifth and deciding vote that prevented anyone from attempting to override the controversial Roe v Wade issue. With Alito on the bench, that balance may be tipped to the conservative side of the scale enough that some lawyer and some client somewhere will go for it.




Public Health


Pressured by the Organic Trade Association and food processors, Congress voted last week to weaken the nation’s organic food standards. The law now allows for the use of numerous synthetic substances in products labeled “organic” and it weakens organic dairy standards. Involved in this sneaky manipulation of food labeling rules were major food processors that included such big names as Smucker’s, Dean Foods and Kraft. Now when you think you are buying and paying for pure organic foods at your grocery store, don’t believe it. The best way to be sure is to grow your own food and process it in your own kitchen. Big business just wants your money. They don’t give a damn about your health.



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