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A Ghostly Love Story?


By James Donahue


During my search of the web for ghost stories to offer during the pre-Halloween season, I came across a strange story from a Chinese news agency.


It seems that an unidentified youth came to a medium in Tampin with a problem. He said he was unable to sleep because he was being harassed by a female ghost, or spirit. The story did not explain what was happening to him, but some spirits definitely have ways to disturbing a household if they choose.


The medium said the spirit was that of a 19-year-old girl who had committed suicide five years earlier. He said she was haunting the youth because she was searching for a husband.


While the story was vague, this bit of knowledge leads to some interesting speculation. Why did she choose to haunt this particular young man? Was he the woman’s former suitor? Did he jilt her at the alter? Indeed, there is certainly some interesting history connecting the harassed young man and this particular spirit.


Then, of course, he might simply have moved into a house haunted by this spirit and inherited her “problem.”


The medium offered a solution. He said he thought the ghost would release him if he found her a husband. 


The story said a search was made for a male ghost that agreed to marry the girl in a special wedding ceremony.


The ceremony was held in Tampin, Negri Sembilan, and as far as we know, the young man lived in peace after that. We must assume the ghostly bride and groom “lived” happily ever after?


How strange it would seem to have a wedding ceremony for invisible spirits. I have to wonder who conducted this ceremony, and who attended. I also wonder how the living people involved could go through such a ceremony with a straight face.


But when spirits are involved, if you believe in them, there probably wasn’t much of a problem.