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Andov Publication Connects The Dots

By James Donahue

Yet another voice has been added to the growing number of writers and lecturers we know of who are connected to astral intelligence. All are speaking of a looming earth change and an awakening of the human race from thousands of years of enslavement by alien forces.

Pane Andov, a Macedonian born computer scientist, spiritual researcher, writer and former magazine publisher, has released an amazing on-line publication titled 2012 Equation Solved. The document appears to connect the dots between many world and deep space mysteries.

The Andov work, which can be found by clicking here, addresses the shut-off date of the Mayan Calander of December 21, 2012 and links it with the messages found in crop circles all over the world, numerous anomalies only recently discovered in deep space, the introduction of genetically altered foods, global warming and extreme weather changes, the rash of mass deaths by both “natural” and man-made disasters, and the odd behavior we are seeing among world leaders.

Andov has joined a growing number of gifted humans like Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi of India, co-authors Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene, author and lecturer Drunvalo Melchizedek, and my wife, Doris J. Donahue, all in communication with forces outside the realm of our three dimension reality.

What is amazing about the Andov publication is that it not only supports but clarifies the prophetic information given to us by The Abba Father, Kenyon and Essene’s messages from an ancient race known as the Hathors, Melchizedek’s communications with the entity known as Thoth, and the prophetic messages of Sai Maa, that the Planet Earth is in a state of transformation and that humans have a choice of preparing for the change or remaining behind.

There is general agreement that humans have been enslaved by alien forces for thousands of years, that the changes coming are going to be dramatic, and that those who follow the correct spiritual path, who chose love and light, and know what to do when the moment of truth occurs, will be transformed into the amazing beings we were created to be.

The Andov publication is a lengthy read, but we strongly urge everyone to take the time to carefully study every word. Andov’s efforts to publish in English, obviously not his native language, are apparently responsible for some awkward phrases and strange wording, but his message is clear and the information in this document appears to be the best instructional manual we have yet seen. It gives a clear explanation of what is about to happen, that we are caught in a war between light and dark spiritual forces, and how each of us must be prepared to deal with whatever occurs, even if it involves premature death of the human body.

Andov makes the astounding claim that he has been having direct contact with friendly alien beings since the age of seven, that he has had his own DNA altered so that he has the ability to travel freely among the stars and visit these beings, and that he has been given this knowledge to assist in the survival of the human race.

He says that during the Human Genome Project, when scientists used computer technology to map the genetic structure of the human double helix DNA coil, a mystery was discovered. It was determined that 97 percent of the DNA in that coil appeared to have no function. The scientists refer to that 97 percent as “junk DNA.” But Andov says this DNA is inactive because it has been somehow put to sleep by alien technologies so that we are incapable of understanding what has been happening to us and doing something about it.

The good news is that the Cavalry is coming to our rescue. Andov writes that massive energies were released from the black hole that exists at the very center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, some 26,000 years ago. Since our solar system is located at the far edge of the galaxy, it has taken that long for all of that energy to reach us. Its arrival, which will occur during the winter of 2012 and 2013, will cause two amazing things to happen.

The first thing will be that the blast of energy, which is already having an effect on our system, will turn the Sun into a Red Giant which will grow in size until it consumes Venus and Mars and heats Earth to a point where the oceans evaporate and all organic life disappears.

The second force that is heading our way is coming in the form of 12 jolts of a blue-white light, sent by The Creator, which will jump start all of that “junk DNA” in not only humans, but in all other life forms, and turn us into the amazing creatures we were always meant to be. This event is known in occult circles as the NEXUS.

Amazingly, three of the 12 rays of blue-white energy have already appeared in NASA images shot from new X-ray technology. Those pictures were published in 2009. Nothing more has been made public since then.

All of this information has been constantly delivered to us via the many amazing crop circles that have appeared around the world. The information, however, has been carefully concealed and the story has circulated that the crop circles have been a man-made hoax. In fact, many of the crop circles have been created by people just to prove the hoax. The Andov article goes into great detail to explain the difference, and why the real crop circles are actually important messages filled with information we need to know about and understand.

Why would authorities go to so much trouble to cover up the messages in the crop circles, and the new data coming from deep space? If the messages are correct, and we have been subjected to enslavement by alien rulers for thousands of years, the answer to this question should be quite obvious. The dark forces are in a race to head this event off

Thus the warning is that we are all in danger as the final event races to its conclusion. This might explain the apparent insanity occurring among government leaders around the globe and the increase in natural and man-made disasters that are killing people by the thousands. It explains the quest for wars, the suicide bombings, and all of the other terrible events making headlines everywhere.

Andov believes another part of the plan is to carry away as many uninformed humans as possible in space craft and establish new artificial Matrix environments that will appear, through holographic technology, no different than living on Earth. For these people it will appear as if nothing has changed. And the enslavement will continue on as it has for thousands of years.

He says we have long been denied the technology to fix the environment and feed everybody. The religious and economic systems we live under were established as tools of entrapment. People believe they must work to make money to pay for their homes, their clothing, their food and all of the other things they wish to own. We were never meant to exist in a materialistic world. In truth we work and live under the yoke of the masters that enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Who are these alien rulers? Andov writes that they are the kings and queens of the past, now reincarnated to be the presidents, generals and other world leaders of today. He maintains that elections are all controlled, and that no one gets into power that is not chosen for the job.

Because we are already being bombarded with DNA-changing waves of energy from space, our skies are decorated with those mysterious chemtrails. Andov says the air force is busy spraying the sky with metallic particles designed to slow down the effect these waves are having on humanity. People are being told to stay out of the sun to ward off harmful X-rays. We also are being fed genetically engineered foods designed to stop this effect on our DNA, Andov writes.

In spite of this, more and more humans are waking up. Our DNA is changing. The helix coils are being altered. More and more people are no longer satisfied with the old worn out religious systems and joining in a new spiritual quest for knowledge. They are joining a growing number that will be in a position of resisting the dark forces as the clock ticks down. But there is confusion. Those that are awake need instruction as to what is about to happen and what to expect. The Andov publication will help bring an understanding.

It all involves a daily meditation in which we turn on the light in each cell in our bodies, evoke the light within and then reach out to our neighbors, our cities, our nations and our world with personal rays of light and love for everyone.

This is a time for peace and love for all mankind. Those that continue to advocate hatred, violence, warfare and greed do not belong among us.

This is the most serious war humanity has ever been in. It is a spiritual war that seems to most to be non-existent. Yet in the end, if it is not won, those that survive will go on to unnecessary and severe suffering and enslavement for a very long time to come.

The Andov work is a PDF file. You can read it by clicking here: http://www.box.net/shared/1hvnjrfd26