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Extinction Ahead?
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Pushing The Mother’s Reset Button

By James Donahue

It is no secret that our planet is overpopulated and that the human existence has taxed the Mother Earth’s ecological system to the limit. The air, land and our seas are polluted, the planet’s resources are almost used up, our glaciers and icecaps are on meltdown, the weather is going through dramatic change, wildlife is going extinct, and most people are acting as if nothing is wrong.

The big news story should be the looming threat of human and life extinction on our planet. Instead the talking heads devote hours to political issues, the wars that rage on and on, the economic crisis and what popular starlet has been arrested for being in possession of some illicit narcotic.

The news anchors are no longer completely ignoring the weather, however. They cannot look the other way when hurricanes and typhoons ravage the land, when heavy rains flood and bring mudslides down over entire towns killing hundreds, and when mile-wide tornadoes march across the landscape flattening everything in their paths. They no longer can ignore the extreme killing heat waves and the severe arctic winter blizzards that sweep the landscape. Somehow they are still refusing to connect this extreme weather to the human footprint.

A disconcerting article by Jeremy Hsu, senior science writer for the Internet web magazine LiveScience, maps a belief by some researchers “that effects of humans – from hunting to climate change – are fueling another great mass extinction. A few go so far as to say we are entering a new geologic epoch.”

What Hsu wrote is that geologists find evidence that the planet has gone through numerous mass extinctions over the ages that dramatically changed the diversity of species found in oceans around the world. He says this has been found mostly in the fossil records. The warning is that humans are driving animals and sea life to extinction, and consequently altering the entire ecosystem of the planet.

Once the ecosystem is gone, is there anything to save the human race from plunging into extinction along with the animals? When we think about it, humans may have a soul that makes them uniquely linked to spiritual powers, but we all occupy animal bodies born on the Mother Earth and totally dependent upon her for life in this three dimensional existence. We must breathe clean oxygen-filled air, drink clean water and eat food produced from living plants and animals to sustain life.

Indeed, we are all aware that great beasts like the dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, mastodons and a wide variety of other strange plants and animals lived on this planet before humans arrived. Something occurred that caused a mass extinction of all of those living creatures. Now scientists are finding evidence that the world was filled with other types of life even before the age of the dinosaurs, and that they also appear to have gone extinct.

Thus Hsu is suggesting that the planet has a natural reset button that gets pushed every so many hundred thousand years that dramatically changes the diversity of species and possibly cleans up the messes left behind by the outgoing epoch.

He suggests that the “major changes in global temperatures and ocean chemistry, increased sediment erosion and changes in biology that range from altered flowering times to shifts in migration patterns of birds and mammals and potential die-offs of tiny organisms that support the entire marine food chain” may be the trigger that starts the planet’s reset button.

If he is correct, the irony is that all of the changes listed above appear to have been brought about by human activities. Thus we may be recklessly setting ourselves up for a mass extinction event and are refusing to take a serious look at what we are doing to our planet and ourselves.

It is interesting to note that Cory Herter, on his website “Journey Through The Afterlife,” recently claimed the Earth shifted into a new dimension on May 20, 2010, and that people will slowly sense the effects of this change.

My wife Doris and I received this same message through the entity The Abba Father, that communicates through her. We have noticed that psychics and spiritual visionaries all over the world are reporting the same message. Our planet is going through a change that is going to have a major impact on the human race.

From what we have been able to learn, humanity will be spared from total extinction. But we are about to experience some extreme hardships and there will be a lot of death. When it is over, those humans still alive will be living a very different life style than we know today.