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The Danger In Believing The End Is Near

By James Donahue

The Christian Church has been teaching an “end of times” theme for the 2,000 years it has been in existence. That the Mayan Calendar stops abruptly at the winter equinox in December, 2012, has virtually set a specific date for this doomsday event to occur.

More and more theologians and now even some scientists are suggesting that we are racing for extinction. Is it true? Can we avoid such a dark and catastrophic event?

Of course we can. But it will take a collective mindset all over the world to make it happen. Because of false religious teachings people have been implanted with a belief that we are sinful and despicable creatures that need to depend on an external god to save them from themselves. In truth, the Creator God exists within us all, and we have the power within our minds to create whatever universe we wish to live in.

The Abba Father messages taught us how to look within, right down to the cellular level, and to turn on the lights within our cells. The teachings said that once a single cell lights up, all of the cells around it respond and also light up. Soon all the cells in the body are lighted and awakened. From there, we are to send the light into our hearts and minds. At this point our auras become bright with our light.

Once we reach this point, the Abba Father instructed us to send this light and love energy out in all directions so that it affects all around us. This exercise not only fills our day with light and love, but it has an effect on everybody we come in contact with. I have done experiments with this technique when out in public, and it really works.

The Dalai Lama, in a recent television appearance, urged listeners to not get excited or alarmed about all of the disasters, extreme weather and terrible events going on in the world. To bring about improvements he asked everyone to seek quietness and to think happy thoughts, even about our enemies.

This holy man was teaching the art of positive thinking. He knows a deep truth that most humans have forgotten. Our minds are powerful instruments and if we all use them collectively, thinking positive thoughts, it is possible for us to change everything

The sad fact that many Christians are looking forward to a final great world war and the destruction of our planet as we know it, because of a Biblical promise that these events would bring Jesus back in the clouds, appears to be a blight on our planet. With the minds of so many people generating this kind of negative thought, it will be difficult for the rest of us to stop what appears bound to happen.

Our only chance is to get organized and collectively think positive thoughts that block the Christian onslaught of an impending doomsday scenario. This is not what we want to happen, and we need to stand our ground to stop it. Nobody wants to see a dead zombie fall out of the sky to appease the Christian insanity.

It is not time for the world to end. It is time for religiosity to go away, for greed and corruption to be exposed and stopped, and for the dawning of a new age of enlightenment. This is what should be happening in December, 2012.