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Treating Autism With Theta Healing

By James Donahue

Theta Healing practitioner Susan Donahue says she has been having success working with autistic children. After only a few sessions, she says she has seen marked improvement in communication and behavior skills and believes she may have found a key to the very cause of this bewildering disorder.

While her study has been limited to only a few cases, and Donahue admits that any conclusions she has reached at this point may be premature, she says she believes she already has found at least two different causes of autism. One is some kind of trauma at birth and the other appears to be mercury poisoning received either through the mother while in the womb, or from childhood vaccinations.

As strange as this may seem to professional medical personnel, Donahue said she also has found that autistic children suffer from not having their souls properly connected to their bodies.

By working with the children in a theta state of consciousness, and through connecting with the Creator, Donahue said she has been successful in bringing about a repair of the damage and reducing the peculiar behavior that marks autism .

While changes have been slow, Susan said she has observed marked improvements in the children she has worked with. One boy that was unable to remain still for any length of time has calmed down and can now sit quietly during theta sessions, Donahue said.

She said a young girl she worked with told her after just one session that for the first time she understood the difference between being hungry, feeling sick to her stomach and needing to have a bowel movement.

Another patient was a young man with severe depression and attention deficit disorder, who was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. After two healing sessions this man appeared completely healed of all of his disorders. Donahue said he was expressing confidence, and was able to focus.

Donahue said her biggest problem in doing this research has been convincing the parents of autistic children to allow her to treat them. Theta Healing is such a new and uncharted form of medical care that few people know anything about it. Some perceive it as a form of quackery.

Yet a science team from the National Institute of Health is in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and was there when Donahue was involved in extended training with the master of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal. The team has been there since June to observe first-hand the results of the healing in practice.

Susan was one of thirty advanced practitioners of Theta Healing that attended a three-week course in Intuitive Anatomy. In its research, the science team gave each of the class members an electroencephalogram to study their brain waves during a Theta Healing session.

Donahue attracted special attention when the researchers discovered that all lobes of her brain were active when she was in a theta-state of consciousness. Only the frontal and occipital lobes appear to be active among most Theta healers.

It was determined that Donahue appears capable of remaining in her body and fully aware of everything going on around her at the same time she is mentally out of her body and deep in the theta-state and bringing healing energy from higher plains directly into the patient she is treating. She has a spatial, audio and full sensual awareness when in the Seventh Plain where she reaches out to the power of healing.

Donahue lives in California, where there are more cases of autism among children than any other state in the union. A recent report showed an estimated 25,000 autism cases in California as compared to about 12,000 in Texas, the state with the next highest number of cases.

Other high number states include other high population areas like New York with 9,500 cases, Michigan with 7,260, Pennsylvania with 7,180, Florida with 7,150, and Illinois with just under 7,000.

The low number states include Montana with 270, North Dakota with 240 and Wyoming with 182 cases.

Autism is described as a developmental disorder that appears in the first three years of life and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills. Children affected by the disorder show a wide variety of symptoms that include verbal and non-verbal communication skills, repetitive movements, repeating what other people say, and sitting in one place and rocking the body.

Susan Donahue says: "ThetaHealing® is deep work that allows you to discover what hidden beliefs or programs are the cause of your lack of wholeness, health and prosperity. It gives you back your authority to co-create with Creator. For those brave enough to look within and review the programming errors, a whole new experience awaits."

Autistic children are found to be a problem in China, India, the United Kingdom, Mexico and various other countries of the world

Donahue reports success in using Theta Healing for behavior modification in both animals and humans. She has successfully assisted people in their love life, their jobs, their financial problems plus a variety of health issues.

Go to her web site at http://www.thetahealingbenefits.com/ to learn more or contact Susan for a personal appointment. Because she can leave her body and go anywhere, she can treat her patients right over the telephone.