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Beware Attacks On Altered States of Consciousness

By James Donahue

A disturbing recent story by Catharine Smith in, of all places, The Huffington Post, quoted a Kansas television station as warning about a new Internet craze among youth called “i-dosing.” This, the story explained, is a way in which people can use altered sound frequencies to “get high.”

What these young people have discovered is something called hemispheric-synchronization, or “hemi-synch,” a method of sending altered sound frequencies into the ears via a head-set. Because the frequencies are slightly different, it forces the brain into an altered state as it works to adjust the sounds.

This technique, discovered and developed by the late Robert Monroe, at the Monroe Institute at Faber, Virginia, led to a fascinating wave of discoveries about what the human mind can do while in this altered state of consciousness. Students who attend classes at the institute learn how to do such things as leave their bodies, remote view events occurring in other places, check their persona health, heal their bodies, get rid of bad habits, and pattern for a future life style.

Various tapes offering hemi-synch sounds and some very interesting musical arrangements have been sold for many years on line from the institute. They are designed to help intensify thought patterns at work, get a good night of sleep, erase emotional feelings, and assist in fixing a variety of other physical and mental health issues.  

For a news story to suddenly announce that hemi-synch sound frequencies are “digital drugs” and dangerous two-toned technologies designed to “alter your brain waves and mental state” is a ridiculous assault on an important technique that has been a benefit for thousands of people who have either attended the Monroe Institute or learned from the recordings.

The article said young people are using the sounds they are now downloading on U-Tube and other Internet sites to reach a “state of ecstasy” while listening to atonal tracks “while sitting motionless with headphones on.”

Heavens to Betsy, it would be terrible if our teenagers found a way to reach an altered state of consciousness, discover that they can leave their bodies, or just enjoy a few minutes of sheer joy while listening to these sounds.

Take it from a writer who has experienced many of the Monroe hemi-synch tapes and lived to tell about it. They do absolutely nothing to harm either the mind or body. If anything, the sounds expand mental capabilities and give all who experience them a different, if not broader way of looking at the world.

We are living in a quickly changing world when humans need to wake up to a reality other than the one that has been pounded into their heads since the day they were born. What most people perceive as reality has been a lie all along.

A little time with hemi-synch will help open minds to this fact. This is why things like psychedelic drugs and now hemi-synch sound is under attack. Certain powers do not want us finding out the truth.