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Slim Spurling And The Rings

Slim Spurling And His Amazing Light-Life Ring

By James Donahue

The late American metaphysician Slim Spurling had a most unusual life that culminated in 1991 with the invention of a simple coil that he claimed had an amazing healing effect on the human body. It also lowers the freezing temperature of water, can dissipate clouds and turn away storms, makes plants grow with more vigor, and generally brings more “life force energy” to everything in its field.

According to his website, Spurling and his wife, Katharina, co-founded the Geobiology Research Association, a network of student-associates. The associates use Spurling’s discoveries to “practice the art of dowsing in areas that range from diverting geopathic stress to alleviating various physical, mental or emotional symptoms for households or business enterprises.”

To look at Spurling’s “Light-Life” rings, which come in various sizes and configurations, one might thing at first that he has pulled off a wide-spread hoax on all that follow his teachings and put their faith in his “treatments.” But there may be much more to his research than first meets the eye.

Spurling, whose long white flowing beard made him appear the classic non-conformist, was not a simple man. He held a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University where he majored in forestry and botany and earned a minor in mycology, biochemistry and microbiology.

He served in the U.S. Naval Air Reserve and devoted a 20-year career as an artist-blacksmith and founder of a school of blacksmithing. Two near-death and an out-of-body experience inspired a keen interest in metaphysics. From this he began practicing the ancient art of dowsing in invented an inexpensive method of neutralizing geopathic stress. Spurling quickly became internationally recognized as an expert in his field and conducted seminars throughout the world.

In 1985 Spurling became interested in subtle body energies and by 1991 had invented his Light-Life ring. Occultists believe that our physical bodies, or that part of the body that we can see and become most aware of, is surrounded by something known as subtle bodies. These come in various layers and represent the spiritual and emotional side of our being. We become sensitive to their existence when strangers get too close. If not invited, we call it “getting into our space.” What is happening is that their subtle bodies are trying to be in the same space as our own.

While it is metaphysical in its nature, there is an entire science in the field of subtle bodies, and Spurling plunged right into it.

His ring was found to be very effective in offering people relief from pain, enhance healing and emotional well-being. It also has been found effective in improving water quality, abating air pollution, controlling some insect infestations, and increasing plant growth.

There is science to back up Spurling’s claims. In fact, the root of this science is grounded in sacred geometry. The ancient sacred or royal cubit length of 20.6 inches is the important controlling factor. Even before Spurling and his partner, Bill Reid made this discovery, theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler, the man who coined the term “black hole,” described the effect as a mathematical theory in tensor calculus.

As stated earlier: sacred geometry is involved in the design of this rung. The lengths of wire used are multiples of the Egyptian Cubit, the base measurement found carved in stone in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Each piece of wire is measured to specific length, designed to maintain proper polarity and twisted to maintain a positive flow. Silver solder junctions creates beads that act as capacitor/amplifiers.

When the design is correct, the rings produce the energy described by Wheeler’s mathematical theory. Scientists have tested this device and found that the energy passes through all matter affecting every living system on the planet.

This field of research apparently has only just scratched the surface of what can be achieved by the use of sacred geometric designs. Spurling’s experiments alone revealed various ways in this his ring, and variations of the ring can be used.

Another cubit length was discovered in 2002 by Hans Becker and incorporated into the technologies. It has since been named the Becker Cubit. The manufacture of a ring of this size appears to fill a harmonic gap between the Spurling ring. It emits a natural resonant frequency of 177 megacycles and already has been found to change water from acidic to neutral or slightly alkaline in 24 hours.

The exciting thing about the Becker ring is that the human body is 75 percent water. Also bacteria and viruses cannot live in alkaline water. Thus the ring may become a cure-all for disease. Some even believe it may even be a secret to human longevity.