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Science Taking Close Look At Theta Healing

By James Donahue

A science team was present recently in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where our daughter, Susan, was involved in extended training with the master of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal.

Susan was one of ten advanced practitioners of Theta Healing attending a three-week course in Intuitive Anatomy. Representatives from the National Institute of Health were present to study the technique. The study included giving each of the class members an electroencephalogram, or electronic study of their brain waves during a Theta Healing session.

Susan Donahue attracted special attention because the researchers discovered that all lobes of her brain were active when she was in what is called a “Theta State” of consciousness. Only the frontal and occipital lobes appear to become active among Theta healers.

It was determined that Susan appears capable of remaining in her body and fully aware of everything going on around her at the same time she is mentally out of her body and deep in the Theta State bringing healing energy from higher plains directly into the patient she is treating. She has a spatial, audio and full sensual awareness when in the Seventh Plain where the power of healing originates.

This might explain why Susan has been so effective in treating people who come to her asking for help in physical, spiritual, financial, and habitual issues since completing her initial training.

Susan said the intuitive anatomy class was needed to help her understand the structure of the human body so she can better treat physical problems and disease. Before the class she said she could look within the body, with the permission of the patient, but not always understand what she was looking at and what had to be accomplished to bring relief from pain and suffering.

Because she was able to get personal one-on-one instruction from Stibal, the woman who discovered Theta Healing, Susan says she now is confident that she is ready to bring the healing power of the Creator directly to all who ask for it.

The Intuitive Anatomy Class also helped students discover emotions and belief that are inherent in the body. It teaches healing of body systems through the release of accumulated energetic emotions and explores beliefs held in each system and their relationship to physical disease.

That the National Institute of Health, in association with Dr. Richard Hanson, a medical sociologist from University of California, was present to study the effects of Theta Healing and go so far as to study the brain wave activity of the practitioners may mean that the practice may soon be accepted by the medical community as a valid form of medical treatment. Harvard University also is expected to be involved in this study.

Susan was told that several physicians have received training in Theta Healing and may already be using it in their practice.

Susan reports success in using Theta Healing for behavior modification in both animals and humans. She has successfully assisted people in their love life, their jobs, their financial problems as well as health issues.

Go to her web site at http://www.thetahealingbenefits.com/ to learn more or contact Susan for a personal appointment. Because she can leave her body and go anywhere, she can treat clients right over the telephone.