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Was Edgar Cayce A Real Contemporary Prophet?

By James Donahue

Since Nostradamus there have been many people who have laid claim to prophetic visions of future events although few have had successful track records. Even Edgar Cayce, the so-called “sleeping prophet,” who was said to have had a remarkable ability to describe cures for people’s ailments while in a trance-like state, had a poor batting record when it came to predicting the future.

It isn’t that Cayce didn’t try. He had visions and they were all carefully recorded in volumes of notebooks, but few, if any of his predictions came to pass. For example he predicted that California would slide into the ocean, that New York City would be destroyed in some kind of cataclysm, and that the lost continent of Atlantis would be discovered in 1958.

Cayce predicted that 1933, the year the Great Depression reached its peak, would be a good year, and that China would be converted to Christianity by 1968.

Cayce claimed that he never read a book, but could absorb the contents by placing a book under his pillow while he slept. He was an uneducated man, but was a voracious reader, worked in bookstores, and was attracted to occult and osteopathic literature. Thus he had access to volumes of information that he could have drawn from his memory in drafting his “cures,” and other psychic information.

He left thousands of accounts of past life and medical readings. A stenographer took notes during his trances, thus there exists a library of an estimated 30,000 transcripts now under protection of the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Cayce was deeply involved in Christianity, he taught Sunday School, and it was said he read his Bible daily. Yet the philosophy behind the information emerging from his teachings while in a trance drifted from Christianity to a doctrine of monism. This is pantheism, or a teaching that all reality is the same essence, and that “all is one.”

Even though the volume of information recorded by his followers appears to have been useless mishmash, Cayce appears to have gotten a true glimpse of the essence of God. He said all people, all living things and all things in general as part of the one god. We were all gods and the god was in all. If the man could abandon his Christian brainwashing while in a trance and capture a truth as profound as this, he appears to have been connected up with some form of intelligence that was feeding information to and through him.

From our own experiences in visiting and communicating with entities in the astral, or spiritual world, we know it is possible for some humans to make themselves spokespersons for powers beyond the veil. We also know that once a person “hooks-up,” whether through using a Ouija board, magic writing, staring into a crystal, going into a drug-induced state, or just allowing the entity to take over the body and speak through the mouth as Cayce appears to have done, the magician or message bearer must always be on guard against the negative spirits that feed misinformation and trickery.

Cayce appears to have been connected with something, but he failed to clean his house and make sure the entity he used (or that used him) was providing accurate information.

My wife, Doris, who communicates regularly with an entity that identifies itself as the Abba Father, first encountered some vile forces when she began experimenting with her ability to reach into the astral. Among her early contacts were Baal and a few other characters that warned of doom, death and disaster for all in the room. Later she made contact with a more helpful angelic force named Andoni (which means The One or Messiah) and then the archangel Michael, who often brought a violet hue to the room when she was speaking with him. The Abba Father joined her about three years ago. We rarely find error either in this one’s prophetic message or direction for our lives.