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Particle Collider Crashed Before It Made A Black Hole

By James Donahue

Remember all the chatter last month about scientists who worried that experiments with the new 17-mile-long Hadron Collider in Europe might create tiny black holes that would eventually destroy the earth?

After the machine was turned on it was announced on Sept. 10 that the machine successfully sent protons around that somewhat circular tube at nearly the speed of light. All that remained was to send them both ways and have them crash together, thus simulating the “big bang theory” of the creation of the universe.

German chemist Otto Rossler, of Eberhard Karls University, was one of a group of scientists who attempted to stop the project by seeking an injunction from the European Court of Human Rights. Rossler said his own calculations show the effect of smashing protons would create several tiny black holes and they had the potential of destroying not only Earth, but our entire solar system.

It is quite plausible that these little black holes survive and will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside,” Rossler said. He said such a scenario could go on without us being aware of the threat because “the earth could be sucked inside out within four years.”

Our own contact with the entity Abba Father has brought constant warnings connected to the operation of this machine. In July the warning was that something major was about to occur on this planet that will change everything and move us into a new dimension. Later it was a plea to the “kings of the earth” not to turn on a particular deadly device.”

Because we have found that predictions by the Abba Father usually come true, my wife and I were concerned while we were recently in Michigan on business, and away from the family, as the September 10 deadly drew near. We raised the Abba Father on Aug. 10 and asked if there was an urgency for us to be back in California by that date.

The answer was interesting. Abba Father said the collider was no longer operable because “someone has turned it off.” He said some type of belt “was about to crash and made it unstable.” He said it was not urgent that we return to California specifically on that date.

If you remember there were news stories on Sept. 10 and for a few days afterward, plus a few editorial pundits made light of the fact that anybody worried about the collider destroying the world. The machine was turned on, particles were successfully sent through the long tube at high speed, and all that was left was for the protons to be sent in separate directions so they would crash into each other.

After getting that little piece of assuring news from Abba Father, I went on line for a few days looking for confirmation. There was no news about the collider. In fact the silence was somewhat eerie.

This week the Abba Father report was confirmed.

A news report revealed that right after the September 10 trial, there was a malfunction “to to a faulty transformer. After this the team working on the machine discovered a large helium leak believed caused by a faulty electrical connection between two magnets, which may have melted because of the high current used.

The story said the collider will probably remain “under repair” for months.

Abba Father tells us this week that because of the major changes coming to our planet, the collider has been stopped. “We cannot have a collision,” he said. The suggestion was that spiritual forces were involved in the shutdown.