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Abba Father Warns GOP Skullduggery At Work

By James Donahue

Everybody feels it. The television heads are talking about it . . . referring to it as the “October Surprise” that will turn expected election results in favor of the Republicans, who have been in power for all but eight of the past 30 years.

Indeed, the McCain camp has come up with a few interesting twists to the campaign, but to date nothing has stopped Barack Obama from gaining in popular support. You can clearly hear that in the coffee shops, gasoline stations, bars and the daily polls published everywhere you look.

With just over a week to go, what can the Republicans do now to stop an Obama landslide that threatens to take the incumbent Republicans in the House and Senate out the door with George W. Bush and his gang? We sense a feeling of total desperation among the puppetmasters, the people who have been pulling the strings for years. They appear to be losing their grip and may not alllow it to go that easily.

The Abba Father, the entity that my wife communicates with, has been telling her for months that Obama would win this election. It was not until Sept. 22 that she was instructed to publish this “prophecy” through this website. He said: “tell all the people that Obama will win. It will be a landslide vote. He will become a president of the United States. He will unite all.”

The message from the Abba Father has not changed, but he has since been warning that efforts have been underway to try to sabotage the outcome of this election. The stories, however, have been so varied, it is almost as if the entity has been like a little unseen mouse in the corner, listening in on various plots being discussed, but never carried out.

During a session with my wife, Doris J. Donahue on Oct. 7 we were told that President Bush “plans to put a final order in place that will cause chaos world-wide. Stricter penalties on all mankind.” This, we were told, would be some kind of embargo on imports in a plan to control the growing national debt. When we heard it, we thought it might be a good idea and suggested it in more detail in a story on this site.

In another session, about a day or two later, the Abba Father suggested that a plan was being considered to put Obama’s life, and the lives of his family in “great danger” even after Obama takes office. The thought was that Vice-President Joe Biden, if he could move into the president’s chair, could be easier to control and manipulate by those who have been running the affairs of the nation.

But any attempt to harm Obama will be unsuccessful, we were told. “A trusted one comes to the aid of the president. Obama transmits light. This one sees chaos is not the way. A new government takes hold and no one is harmed.”

On Oct. 27 the Abba Father warned of a “big problem in the election process.” He said the fraud will be discovered, a judge will order a recount of votes, and Obama will be declared the winner. For a while, there will be “very angry crowds” and in the end “men will be put away for this crime.”

Indeed, police agencies are on the alert and we have heard of a plan to even declare marshal law on the land in the event of civil unrest following the outcome of this election.

At one session the Abba Father said the people in Washington were even considering detonating a explosive device somewhere in the United States, and trying to make it appear that it was the work of outside terrorists. The idea was to use fear to get voters to swing back to McCain, the old warhorse who promises to continue the Bush policies. But this plan also has been scrapped for obvious reasons. The timing would be too suspicious and carrying out such a plot takes a lot of time and careful planning to do it successfully.

Was any of this information true? We may never know unless someone comes forth in future years and tells about what went on behind the scenes in these final days of the Bush presidency.

Consequently, and due to the late hour of this campaign, the only October surprise that may still be in the works may be the rigging of election results in key electoral districts.

A report in the Alternet website tells of a “political wild card” tossed by Bush when he asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate the status of 200,000 Ohio voters. The request would suggest that the government might be using its powers to prevent votes from key Democratic areas from getting counted, this giving the Electoral College votes to McCain.

As we sadly learned in the 2000 election, when Democrat Al Gore captured the popular vote, but Bush got the Electoral College vote and became president, there is a complex system in place for picking our leadership. And because of the way it is set up, there is room for sneaky manipulation behind the scenes.