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World Is In Transit – Hold On For The Ride

By James Donahue

While world leaders grapple for a way to solve a growing list of seemingly insurmountable problems, a large number of folks who have been pursuing ancient spiritual pathways say they not only know what is going on, but they welcome the future with open arms.

They say the Earth is moving into a new dimension. The change is going to be a bumpy ride, especially for people who are clinging to old religious belief systems and world materialism, and it is likely that not everyone will make the switch. Or at best they will come into this new world kicking and screaming.

The Hindu Master, Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, recently issued a telephone conference call with her followers in which she warned that the shift is beginning. She said we can expect world chaos as the negative thoughts and energies created by humans since the beginning of our existence on the planet, all of it stored within the planet, come up, out, and enter us. She gave instructions for dealing with these energies; do not resist or become excited, but merely accept it. Take these energies into the heart shakra and then let it go. Those who do this will make the transition easier and faster.

So what is coming? We believe it will be a much more perfect world, united in light and love, and without the political and materialistic corruption that makes the world we now live in so unbalanced and unfair.

The Abba Father, an entity that communicates through Doris Donahue, recently said Barack Obama would win the November presidential election, and his term will be the beginning of a restoration of America as a lighthouse for a united world of peace and harmony. “He will unite all,” the entity said. “The world will be without borders. Wars will cease. A world at peace will come quickly.”

The Abba Father said “a decision was made to live in another system of change involving dimensions. The configuration on earth then will change all life forms. Dimensions will change. (The) world will not be same earth but a new one. One not remembered. No one is excluded here but must not destroy what is left (of the earth as we know it now.)

The Abba Father scolded humanity for the way we have been operating. He said “Products of a generation moved away from love and resisted hidden operation located in their brains. The simple way was denied all. All forgotten on fear and destruction. (Humans) processed no light. (They) produced only deadly waves.”

As with Sai Maa, the formula offered by the Abba Father for surviving the looming horror of world events remains the same. “Strive for turning on your conscious mind. Open up your portals. Hear tender voices there. Get kingly ways. Resonate love. Resonate love. Heart tones ring louder now. Quietly hold on to love tones ringing (in the brain frequency). Do this to repair the damage brought on by fear and hatred. Waves of energy and light will come to you. This energy is powerful. Only one way on earth now is (to) quickly rise above the hatred. Bring your tones up. Ban all negativity. This will prepare you for the coming field of energy.