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Alien Visitation This Month? Not Quite

By James Donahue

There is a story making the rounds in occult circles via the Internet that a three-day-long UFO sighting will occur over Alabama the week of Oct. 14, thus forcing world leaders to admit that we are being visited by intelligent life forms from other worlds.

The story appears to be coming from at least two sources, people on opposite sides of the world who claim to have “contact” with entities from the invisible spirit world around us.

One of them, who identifies as “Blossom Goodchild,” an Australian medium, says a ship from the Galactic Federation of Light will appear over Alabama for three consecutive days, beginning Oct. 14.

The same prediction is being made by Mike Quinsey, a known United States medium. Quinsey says the federation plans to “park” a massive ship over Alabama. Quinsey says he has been in contact with SaluSa, of Sirius, who said the ship is coming as “irrefutable proof” that we are not alone and that extraterrestrial craft have access to Earth.

Quinsey said the appearance of the ship will open the door to first contact which will be needed to help humanity break from the “iron grip of the dark forces” that continue to control the planet and our lives. The aliens say it is vital that we “tread a different path that shall allow you full expression in the light.”

Goodchild, who has published a book documenting the messages channeled to her by “cosmic beings,” says the aliens are not to be feared. She says they are coming to “help us and our planet move to a new higher vibration of love.”

While everyone will see the ship, and it will even be televised, Goodchild said there will be no alien contact at this time.

That two mediums have the same message, and one of them has written a book about it, makes us suspicious that there is some collaboration involved.

So what does the Abba Father have to say about all of this? Doris Donahue made contact on Oct. 5 to ask this question. The answer was there would be no ship this month, but an alien race or organization of some kind appears indeed to be watching over us. “When the time is right a ship will come but not yet,” we were told.

The Abba Father suggested that new lenses now being installed by NASA to the giant Hubble space telescope will soon reveal a “truth about the universe.” He said “when the telescope is near we will be in view but you may not be shown this yet.”

Also he said an event will occur that will alarm people for a while. He said NORAD will sound an alarm about an object “that is too large to keep secret.” He said governments will say it was an experiment to calm the fears of the people. This object, the Abba Father said, will look red so some will think it is a bomb.

Of interest is that the Abba Father’s message to the world is similar to the message from the entities communicating with Goodchild and Quinsley. He is telling us that we need to turn away from the dark path we have been following and seek the light.

To do this we must exercise love and truth. He said the entities looking down upon us cannot see us in the darkness. “Love will be seen by us as light. We can see light, not dark. People who practice division will not be seen. We cannot see darkness. Try to practice this way and you will understand why we are not interested in the dark.”

Abba Father said love and the light it brings are the things that are important. He said the “veils of darkness are slipping away so you can see for yourselves that light is there on Earth. It will spread to all one day soon. No one can escape.”