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Is There Design Behind Global Financial Meltdown?

By James Donahue

Talk about super conspiracy theories, the crash of world markets and the collapse of the value of currency, apparently caused by the colossal greed of a few hundred individuals manipulating a system grown too complex for even the experts to fully understand, fits the profile.

Either we are victims of one of the most fantastic conspiracies ever devised or we are witnessing the collapse of a system that, by its very nature, was nothing more than a deck of cards supported by trust. Once enough people lost their trust, and the first cards began to tumble, the entire house now is collapsing.

We spend a lot of space on this site poking fun at the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope, a man who poses as a supposed intermediary between God and mankind. But this week Pope Benedict XVI said something worth hearing. He said he perceives the global financial crisis as an important lesson.

The Pope said: “now with the collapse of big banks we see that money disappears, is nothing and all these things that appear real are in fact of secondary importance.” He urged people who build their lives “on things that are visible, such as success, career, money” to reassess the things that are really important to us.”

This is where the pontiff, who lives in luxury at the Vatican in Rome and dresses in silk, velvet and gold, got off track. He said the only solid reality for us is the Word of God. We do not agree.

What he should have said was that the only things of value for us are the people we love. And the things of importance are personal relationships with humans and creatures of the world, our ability to love, and our decision to follow the correct spiritual path into love, truth and light.

That the world has strayed so long from this path, largely because people have been mislead by archaic and outdated religious belief systems that ignore the god within, may have a lot to do with the dilemma now occurring.

We asked the Abba Father about this global crisis. His answer was: “Unseen forces operate the world. They knew the caused effect it (the market collapse) will have on all humans. Some things you cannot understand now. This is why you were told something was coming you would not like but was necessary for world peace. Even other countries will be affected by this decision.’

The entity said that out of this “a peace will come. Money means little now. Truth about the energy crisis will be told to all. Money hides truth. Money cannot be the key any longer. Truth cannot be stopped. Because of its (money) passing truth can no longer be hidden.”

Abba Father said President Bush “will no longer be a power to feel. The next president will make all truth known.” In an earlier message, he told Doris to tell the world that Barack Obama will win the election by a landslide in November.

It is interesting to note that since we published that prediction, polls show that Obama’s popularity has been quickly rising while Republican candidate John McCain has been on the skids.