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Are Outside Forces Blocking Hadron Collider?

By James Donahue

An interesting story in the Louth Leader in the UK says conspiracy theorists are questioning a link between a worldwide increase in UFO sightings and the failure of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland to perform as planned after Sept. 10.

Gemma Gadd wrote that the Leader has been running numerous eye-witness reports of orange lights in the Louth area. The paper has consequently been receiving email reporting similiar sightings around the world.

German from Argentina emailed to say he witnessed UFOs from the terrace of his house and sent us photos of them. In relation to the (Large Hedron Collider) LHC, he said ‘Indeed, something is cooking at CERN, and like me, many people think the same way.”

Indeed, the collider has been the subject of world-wide interest and controversy since some scientists went to court to try to stop the experiments. They warned of a chance that crashing protons together at nearly the speed of light, in extreme cold temperatures, would not only duplicate a miniature replica of the Big Bang at the origin of the universe, but might form black holes that could eventually swallow the Earth and our entire solar system.

The UFO connection was kick-started after UK resident Ron Ambiguous, 62, claimed to have been abducted by aliens who warned that the machine must not be switched on. That the man’s name is Ambiguous, an English word that means confusion and uncertainty, makes the story appear to be a joke. Yet there have been news articles about a long-haired older man by that name who has been forcefully removed from the CERN site after apparently picketing it and telling his story to anyone who would listen.

Readers of this site might remember that the Abba Father, an entity my wife communicates with, was bringing constant warnings connected to the operation of this machine for months before it was turned on. At one time the message was a plea to the “kings of the earth not to turn on a particular deadly device.”

After the first test run on Sept. 10, the Abba Father said the collider was no longer operable because “someone has turned it off.” Weeks later a news report revealed a malfunction in “a faulty transformer” that would cancel further efforts to use the collider for months, probably into next spring.

But Abba Father said because of some major changes about to occur on Earth, the collider has been stopped. “We cannot have a collision,” the entity said. The message strongly suggested that alien or spiritual forces were involved in stopping the project.

Are aliens then protecting us from ourselves?