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Screams From Planet Earth Can Be Heard In Space

By James Donahue

If you need proof that Planet Earth is a sentient being, consider this: astronauts in space have recorded an ear-piercing series of chirps and whistles emitted by our planet that indicate it is in vocal communication with the universe.

Earth may be screaming. Recordings from space make it clear that the sounds Earth makes are not only loud, but difficult to listen to.

Scientists have an explanation and even a name for the noise spewing from Earth. They call it Auroral Kilometric Radiation (AKR) and claim it is created by charged particles from the solar wind colliding with the magnetic field of the Earth. The name Auroral is founded in a belief that the sound is somehow related to the same phenomenon the generates the Northern Lights.

So if the noise is made by our planet is spitting out powerful radio waves, why don’t they interfere with human radio, telephone, television and other electronic transmissions beamed around the earth and from satellites in space?

Scientists have an answer to this question as well. They claim the radio waves are blocked by the ionosphere, which is a charged outer edge of our atmosphere. They say if they weren’t blocked, none of our electronic technology would be possible because the signals emerging from earth are 10,000 times stronger than even the strongest signals used by our military.

Of interest is the thought that since our planet is sending out such powerful signals, they should be detected by intelligent life forms from elsewhere in the galaxy that happen to develop the right receivers and turn them in our direction.

While scientists appear to have all the answers to the phenomenon of piercing sound frequencies emanating from Earth, thus supporting the contemporary belief that the planet is no more than a spinning rock in space, the fact that the sounds are piercing, like screams from a living creature, are troublesome.

That we have ravaged and failed to properly care for our Mother Earth, and left it in a polluted and dying state, now threatens human extinction. If our planet dies, all life on it does with her. And if our planet is screaming, it appears that she is dying a slow and painful death.