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Something Rotten About Batman Shooting

By James Donahue

There are some things that don’t add up about the Aurora, Colorado massacre of the people packed in a theater to watch a midnight premiere of the latest of a line of Batman movies. In fact, after peering through the horror of all of the bloodshed and shock of what occurred, the whole affair leaves us with a sense that something more was going on here than a brilliant medical student who lost his marbles and turned himself into a mass terrorist.

Here are the things that trouble us:

--The shooter, James Holmes, was studying neuroscience at the University of Colorado. Neuroscience is a study of the human nervous system. It involves the chemistry, function, pharmacology and pathology of the brain. Columnist Mike Adams, in an article for Natural News, suggested that Holmes delved into "mind-altering neuroscience research" that took him to depths that he never anticipated, thus reaching "a strange detachment from reality." To reach this state, Adams said the subject is typically subjected to drugs, hypnosis and even artificial trauma. And this, in turn, strongly suggests a second party had to be involved.

--People who knew Holmes said he was a shy and quiet person, and that the violent rampage performed at the Aurora theater, complete with the Joker makeup and being dressed in attack gear, was completely out of character. It was as if something turned him from the quiet, brilliant pre-med student that he was into a malicious killing machine.

--After packing his apartment with booby-traps and explosives clearly designed to carry on his killing spree long after he was captured or gunned down by police, and then walking into the crowded theater and opening fire on the crowd, something strange happened. Holmes calmly surrendered to the police without resistance. And then he warned the police about his booby-trapped apartment. It was as if the switch that triggered his insanity was suddenly switched off.

--Holmes was equipped with military equipment that should not have been available to him without outside help. In addition to his semi-automatic attack rifle, his two handguns and knife, he was wearing a bullet proof vest, a ballistic helmet, a gas mask, military SWAT gear and he tossed a gas canister into the theater before he opened fire. Other explosives were found in his car and his apartment was rigged with so many explosives and a complex system of booby-traps it took bomb experts more than a day to clear the building. At one point they considered blowing up the whole apartment building rather than take a chance of somebody getting hurt. Where did Holmes get all of this stuff? As Adams suggested in his article, it was as if Holmes had been "selected for a mission" and then given the equipment and was "brainwashed into getting it done."

--While Americans all share a passion for the movies, the mass interest in this new Batman film also did not seem to make sense. Batman movies have been rolling out of the Hollywood film studios now for years. They are all fun to watch, but the stories don’t vary that much. Yet the hype stirring the interest in this particular film was strangely excessive. One story noted that there was so much public interest that the premiere showings were sold out and scalpers were selling tickets on E-Bay for up to $300. Why would anybody be willing to pay so much to attend a midnight showing of a film they could see in a few days at regular prices?

--Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh helped stir the pot when he recently told his audience that he thought the villain in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, was a slap at Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He said the movie billionaire Bruce Wayne was a Romney characterization. His remarks naturally drew fire from the liberal talking heads on both radio and television.

--Since the shooting, the American media appears to be devoting extreme attention to the event. Every hour of news coverage has been exclusively about the Aurora killings. Theater goers who escaped unharmed have had their mugs plastered on our television screens as reporters coax them to repeat the story of what happened. The talking heads are busy analyzing Holmes, his family, talking to his friends and professors. Special hour-long reports are monopolizing prime television time. Even the presidential candidates, who have been dominating the news to the extreme for the past year, have been bumped by the Aurora story. One would think it was the Oklahoma City bombing or 9-11 all over again.

When we put all of these details together, we have to think that events appear to be in play for yet another mass manipulation of the thought patterns of Americans. It was as if this atrocity was carefully staged to horrify the nation and make the people submissive to the next move to make us even more enslaved to the system than we already are. Indeed, there have been clear signs that the youth of the world are waking up, and they are in open rebellion. Powers in high places may be willing to do anything to stop it.