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Ominous Invention Came To Its Creator In A Dream

By James Donahue

French inventor Troy Hurtubise claims that he dreamed the complete design of an eight-foot-long device he says can be used to see through solid walls.

The 41-year-old Hurtubise says the machine that he calls Angel Light, appears to defy all known rules of physics, but it opens windows to solid objects as if there were no barrier there at all.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have tested the device and confirm that it can do exactly what Hurtubise claims it can do.

He has sold the rights to the machine to the French government for a reported $40,000. This sounds like a substantial amount of money except Hurtubise claims the machine cost him $30,000 to build. Other big corporations like Motorola have spent millions attempting to develop technology that will do the same thing.

Phoenix-based Motorola wants a unit like this for its military applications, as well as to provide police, fire and other emergency first responders the ability to more easily track the source of trouble when rushing down dark streets to the scene.

If Hurtubise’s story is correct, the existence of such a machine has troublesome implications.

Armed with Angel Lights and other invasive new inventions such as acute listening devices that can pick up conversations through walls, there will no longer be any secrets, even in the once hallowed privacy of our homes. It will mean that the Orwellian World of the classic novel 1984 will at last be upon us, without reservation.

It could soon mean that people who refuse to accept the hard-line Christian controlled society being unraveled by an extreme right-wing militarized government could be charged with criminal acts for doing once private things. These might include spanking a child, smoking a marijuana cigarette or having sex with someone we are not married to within the confines of our homes.

Other activities that may be under attack include same sex marriages, reading pornographic material, serving alcoholic beverages to our underage children (common in homes of many European-oriented families), or simply speaking too loudly against our government.

The mystery behind the Hurtubise invention is how this man acquired the information he needed to build his Angel Light.

He told a writer for Bay Today that it all came to him in a dream.

"I saw it, saw the whole casing and everything, and I saw what it could do," he said. "I had the same dream three times and by the third time I had it in my head and I started to build it."

Hurtubise said he relied solely on his memory and put the machine together without using blueprints, drawings or schematics. Once finished, he said he turned it on and was shocked to find out what it could do.

His first vision was through the walls of both his home and a garage located behind his laboratory. He said he could clearly read the license plate on his wife’s car, and even see salt on the lower panels.

The vision was so clear Hurtubise said it was almost as if there was a hole in the wall. "You could be fooled into believing that you could actually walk through the wall," he said.

Further experiments with the machine have shown that its beam has the power to turn off electronic things like portable radios, televisions and even a microwave. It also interrupts remote controlled signals.

The device sees through ceramic, wood, steel, tin, titanium and even lead.

Eventually Hurtubise began testing the machine on himself. He said he put his hand in the beam and could see blood vessels, the muscles and bones. But after that, he said he lost feeling in the finger of his exposed hand and experienced an overall malaise.

When he turned the ray on a tank of goldfish, he was shocked when the fish died within minutes.

At first Hurtubise believed the machine was too dangerous to ever be aimed at humans or animals. But further experimentation has caused him to think that the "ray" it sends, which some are called a "God light," may be shown to have healing powers.